Dancing, Bedlam and Acronyms

This morning I went for an assessment to see if HRT (Habit Reversal Therapy) could help me manage some of my more damaging tics, like thumping my chest and hitting my head. I’ve had to fight to get the assessment and it’s taken fifteen months, but it all seems worthwhile now because it felt so positive. I’m optimistic the treatment will help me manage my Tourettes a lot better.

The assessment was at the Bethlem Royal Hospital which is the original Bedlam. This may explain why, when Leftwing Idiot started humming a jig, I started a crazy involuntary River Dance. This amused him a lot and he’s been fighting the temptation to keep doing it all day.

I danced again later, but this time for joy when I got home, as a letter had arrived to say my DLA had been reviewed and increased so as to reflect more accurately how much support I need.

With the exception of the dancing, today’s been full of developments that will give me more control over my life.

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