Back On The Bus?

This afternoon the cab company who take me to and from work called to say they were going to suspend my account from Friday. This is because of the complex way Access to Work pay for my travel, and the bad experiences the cab company have had with other people using this scheme.

I got upset on the phone and started to cry. To begin with, I’d been reluctant to accept the cabs but they’ve transformed my journey to work and allowed me to focus on my job rather than battle with the buses.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if the cabs had been cut because of government policy but I hadn’t expected it to happen because of an accounting problem. I’m hopeful it can be sorted but if it can’t, my blog will be littered with bus stories again.

I did have to use a bus this evening and a teenager found my behaviour so funny he sprayed the water he was drinking all over his friends.

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