TH Phone Home

Now I get a cab to and from work I don’t get the bus very often so I’m a bit out of practice at dealing with reactions to my tics from other passengers.

I went to Laura’s this evening and to get there I had to take two buses. On one, a group of young women moved seats to get a better look at me and began a whispered commentary on what I was doing. They weren’t being unpleasant but I found their intense interest in me difficult to ignore.

Rather than challenging them directly I decided to use a more subtle approach – I called Fat Sister. I had nothing particular to say, but as soon as I’d explained I was on a bus and wanted a chat she understood. Having a phone conversation with a mate is something I do when I need to demonstrate that I’m lucid, friendly and not a threat.

It worked very effectively this time – when I got off the bus one of the group said to the others “She might look weird but she sounded really sweet.”

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