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Heading South

My “I’m a baby” tic has suddenly changed accent. It’s been northern up to now, maybe Sheffield. Now it’s more Essex. I’ve absolutely no idea why this has happened. It’s the small details that always remind me how … read more

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Notting Hill Carnival 2010

Part 1

It’s Bank Holiday Monday, it’s Carnival. I’m keen to go, but need to find someone to go with. Leftwing Idiot’s going – he loves Carnival and goes every year. I asked him last night if I could go … read more

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Typing Test

King Russell’s mate Sam came over this evening and I was working on my blog while we were all watching TV. I left the room for a moment and when I got back I found the following on the screen:… read more

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Dreams Interrupted

My tics can make it hard for me to settle down and get to sleep but usually I wake up only a couple of times during the night. Every now and again though, I’ll wake up many, many times and … read more

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A Bite of Breakfast

When I was younger, I had a tic that made me bite my sister. This would often happen when we were sitting next to each other at meal times. I haven’t done it for years but his morning I was … read more

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Security Breach

In earlier entries I’ve described how, when I’ve bought presents for people, I can’t stop myself from telling them what I’ve bought. In fact, buying anything can be challenging because I find it almost impossible to avoid shouting out my … read more

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Worth The Wait

My mate Ollie’s just cooked a massive meal. For dessert we had ice-lollies. More of mine ended up on my forehead than in my mouth because I kept bashing my head with it. Fat Sister took it away and gave … read more

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Didn’t She Do Well?

The radio was on in the cab as I was going to work this morning. It’s GCSE results day and young people were being interviewed about how well they’d done. Several hours later I ticced my own results:

“I have … read more

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Sugar Coated Sister and Dear Departed Dogs

Fat Sister and I had dinner with our mum this evening. I knew none of my more offensive tics would be a problem because she’s heard them all before, but her seventeen-year-old dog died last week and I wasn’t sure … read more

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“Special Needs Beaker - Fail”

Leftwing Idiot and I have taken to calling my camping cup my ‘special needs beaker.’ This evening, as we were going into his living room to watch a film, I asked him to carry my drink through because I was … read more

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