Not For Me

This morning I had an appointment with my neurologist who’s one of the UK’s leading Tourettes specialists. During the appointment we discussed treatment options that might help make my tics more manageable. One option he suggested was an experimental type of neurosurgery called Deep Brain Stimulation.

This involves placing very thin wires through the skull, into the brain, and then sending electrical pulses through the wires. This has been used to treat other movement disorders and its potential for treating Tourettes is currently being explored.

It’s not something I would try unless there was very compelling evidence that it was effective, and that the risks were minimal. Although my tics are difficult to deal with, Tourettes is not life threatening, it sounds like this treatment might be.

I texted Fat Sister about this later in the day. She’s a doctor and when she got home form work this evening she said, “I don’t want them to put wires in your head.” I reassured her that this is not an option I’m contemplating.

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