At lunchtime I joined thousands of people on a march from Downing Street to the Israeli embassy to protest against the occupation of Palestine and the atrocities that took place on the convoy ships taking humanitarian aid to Gaza last weekend.

I wanted to add my voice to the thousands of others from all faiths and cultures calling for an end to Israel’s inhumane siege of Gaza and express my anger at the attack on the ships. I was nervous about going to an event where the police or other protestors might misinterpret my behaviour.

At times the demonstrators’ chants were more than my Tourettes could handle and I joined in with some contributions of my own:

Protestors: Free, free Palestine.

TH: Free, Free Willy 4.

TH: Free, free Garfield.

TH: Free, free froo, froo.

Protestors: What do we want? Justice! When do we want it?

TH: Wednesday afternoon.

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