A Night at the Lair

The lair was buzzing with activity this evening as we played host to some Bank Holiday fun including a roast dinner, poker and Robocop. Here’s a quick summary of the evening through tics:

“I have a king and an eight.”

“I have a five and a three.”

“Rebecca rolled her eyes.”

“Tell Gordon to get out of the corner.”

“Ollie has a little bear.”

“I flushed your life away.”

“Robocop lost his mum.”

“Capital letters talk to themselves at night.”

“I sat on your knee in 1984.”

“I’m fucked. So am I. How many fucks are you?”

However, the most frequent tic of the evening was a quote from Robocop villain Clarence J. Boddicker: “Bitches, leave.” In the end they did.

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