Sharing the Joke

I was on a bus at lunchtime. There were a couple of men near me and we’d all been there for some time. I’d already said, “Sweat like a leopard on speed.” I’d noticed the two men laugh at this and a few other things.

One of the men was whispering swearwords to his mate. Then, when I said “Space age man,” the following conversation took place:

Bus Dude: (loudly) Fuck, Shit, Cunt!
TH: Are you going to turn round and talk to me about what I’m saying or are you just going to sit there and take the piss?
(Bus Dude turns around)
Bus Dude: I’m not taking the piss – having Tourettes is the coolest thing on earth.
TH: It might seem funny now, but this will still be happening in half an hour and tonight when I’m trying to get to sleep.
Bus Dude: OK, maybe it would only have its moments.
TH: It can be lots of different things including funny, but what you just did was make a joke about it to amuse yourself and your mate as if I wasn’t here or wouldn’t understand what you were doing. That’s not us sharing a funny moment is it?

He seemed to get my point.

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