The Kids are Still OK

The sun was shining and so were the young people of South London.

There’s no one group of people who appear to be more or less understanding of Tourettes than anyone else, but today the youth seemed to be particularly supportive.

This morning four girls on the bus were engaging in a little peer education:

TH: Teletubby tits.
Girl 1: She’s got that sickness where you shout out words – I saw it on TV.
Girl 2: It’s a disability.
Girl 1: Tics – they shout out swearing and stuff.
TH: Squirrel.
Girl 3: She said squirrel.
Girl 2: It’s not always swearing.
Girl 1: If they don’t say the words they die.
Girl 3: Look – she’s holding it in.
Girl 4: Don’t laugh, she can’t help it.

Not all of this information is 100% accurate, but it was a good effort.

In addition, three young men – separately and gently – asked me if I was OK, without a hint of mockery or fear. On hearing that I was fine, they all went about their business, although one of them did stay a few moments longer to say that I wasn’t as bad as the brother of a boy he knew.

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