Last Day

I’m back from my last day at work. I’ve been here for three years and although I’m excited about my new job, I’ve met and worked with loads of amazing people and saying goodbye to them was difficult.

My tics have rarely been mentioned by my colleagues or the families I work with, but strangely they came up a few times today with different people.

Firstly, I went to see the mother of a family I’ve supported, and when she thanked me she said “Because you have Tourettes you understand the challenges my kids face, and that’s made a real difference to us.”

During my leaving drinks a colleague who’s been with the team for the last few months said “You must have an amazing family, you’re so confident and unfazed by Tourettes.”

I stayed out late and at the end it was just me and my team leader. I’ll miss him most of all. Even though we’ll stay in touch, it’ll be odd not seeing him every day.

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