God Says

Leftwing Idiot’s back in London. He’s been away for a bit, so to celebrate his return I took round too much Indian food and his Christmas present. Leftwing Idiot’s been a good friend for many years and he’s given me masses of support. Every now and again he’s suggested I do something creative with my tics, but for a long time I’ve dismissed this idea out of hand. I didn’t see why anyone else would be interested.

But last summer a new set of tics arrived themed around God and Leftwing Idiot suggested they would make good slogans for posters outside churches. I thought this could work so I made a set of prints called ‘God Says’. While Leftwing Idiot was away I finished the series and had one of them printed and mounted for him.

That was the present I gave him this evening to thank him for all his encouragement. I’m pleased he’s back, and he loves his print which says:

“God loves you except if you’re a cunt.”

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