Spontaneous Support

This evening I listened to some more of the recording I made when I was on my own a week ago.

One of the very few interactions was with a man I bumped into on the street when I’d popped out to get some food. Strangers often respond negatively to my tics and I get laughed at most days by people I don’t know. Sometimes I find these reactions quite upsetting and they tend to stick in my memory.

What I’d recorded was a positive response and it helped me remember that I do also get a lot of spontaneous support from complete strangers.

Stranger: Can I ask you why you just did that, what’s the matter with you?
TH: I have Tourettes Syndrome.
Stranger: Wow, I’ve only ever met one guy with it, he goes “Te, te, te.”
TH: “Dog food”.
Stranger: Is that what it makes you do?
TH: It means I do all sorts of things.
Stranger: Oh, brilliant. Can you talk to me for a minute?
TH: Sure, I’m not in a hurry.
Stranger: You’re the first girl I’ve met with it, and you can’t help it?
TH: No.
Stranger: Don’t worry about it, will you.
TH: No, it’s been long enough for me not to worry too much. “Dogging, dogging.”
Stranger: Shee-it, bless you. You’re a nice girl, man. Bless you.

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