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Last June I went to see my GP to ask if she could help me get access to Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT). This is an intervention for Tourettes that aims to help you change damaging tics into ones that have … read more

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Change In Me

Yesterday I described a big change that’s coming up in my working life. Today I realised there have also been some big changes elsewhere that I hadn’t noticed, in my attitude to my tics and their impact on me.

I’ve … read more

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Change to Come

I’ve finally handed in my notice. To do this I had to travel all the way across the borough and hand it in to three different people in different buildings.

I’ve been worrying a lot about whether or not I’ve … read more

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Who Keeps Whistling?

I’ve just got back from a massive work away-day. My team is one of about eight local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service teams (CAMHS) in the borough. We all work in different buildings so I haven’t really met anyone … read more

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I have a massive change in my life coming up: I’m starting my new job in about a month. My boss-to-be knows I have Tourettes as it was on my application form and I’d met her at my interview.

This … read more

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Tourettes and You Know It

The Tourettes crazy language machine swung into a frenzy this evening to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it.” All these tics occurred in the first half hour and then I repeated them full blast for several … read more

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What a Pain

When my chest-banging tic first started a while ago my chest bruised really badly and it was incredibly painful after the first few weeks. But then the bruising faded even though the tic hadn’t changed. It was as if my … read more

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Food and Thoughts

I‘ve had a lovely lazy Sunday evening. King Russell made a curry from scratch and Leftwing Idiot, Harry and Ollie joined us to eat it. I sat and entered some of my tics into the database, absorbing the chatter around … read more

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Lost Animals

Years ago I bought a small wooden meerkat. I got it because I thought having something specific to fiddle with might help me manage my tics. It didn’t help much but I became quite fond of it. I liked to … read more

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Re: Morse

“Dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot.”

Not an actual SOS, this. It’s just that I’ve spent too much time with King Russell who would speak entirely in binary code if he had the chance.… read more

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