Fit On A Beach

I’ve spent today at the seaside – Littlehampton to be precise. We took a group of children from work on end of summer trip. From the moment we arrived I knew we’d have a great day. The atmosphere… read more

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I’ve been in my current job for over four years, and since the beginning I’ve had a support worker with me most of the time. To start with it was only twice a week, but when my ‘ticcing fits’… read more

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Hello Playscheme

We got home from Edinburgh yesterday afternoon, and today I went straight back to work. It’s the final week of the Summer Playscheme and all the projects were busy with children enjoying their break from school.

As I wheeled past… read more

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Bearing Up

I’ve been back at work after my epic weekend at Glastonbury. I arrived to the very sad news that the play building at our adventure playground was the victim of… read more

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Keeping Busy

Today I had a new carer. She was with me all day helping me out at the castle, and we got on well. But she said one thing that made me bristle, and got me thinking.

I was telling her… read more

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The Tic-Enriched Office

Most of the time my colleagues at work don’t seem to notice my tics, except when they’re really funny. And they’re often funny – adding loads of shared laughter to our working days. But they also bring a few extra… read more

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We Need to Talk About Disability

At work we run a programme for schools called ‘Play-based learning.’ School groups can book a series of visits during which they take part in exciting creative activities and have some time for free play as well. The aim of… read more

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Talking Chair

This afternoon at the adventure playground we had our end-of-year party for the children. We made decorations and gingerbread biscuits, had a feast, and played party games.

While lots of the other staff were setting up the party I… read more

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Treasured Hunt

Yesterday the organisation I work for had its Annual General Meeting (AGM). Like all AGMs there was all the formal business to get through, but there was also a much more relaxed and celebratory element too. We had delicious food… read more

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Yesterday afternoon my colleague Sylvie, who manages the adventure playground where I work, asked me if I could cover for her briefly while she helped a child. I’m always happy to do this but yesterday I was raring to go.… read more

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