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Lamp-post is the New Geranium

Last summer my tics suddenly took against Leftwing Idiot’s geranium for no apparent reason.

This season they have a different target and my night time routine goes something like this:

Brush my teeth, take my melatonin, get into bed, … read more

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Yesterday I talked about my epic cry. This evening I laughed as I ticced about yesterday’s troubles, not mine though. Leftwing Idiot and Poppy were having a dance in the kitchen and I spontaneously accompanied them with a Tourettes … read more

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Another Sad Sunday

For the second Sunday in a row I’ve ended up in floods of tears. I upset Leftwing Idiot at the end of last week and we didn’t sort things out until this evening. While we were talking things over … read more

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Musical Chairs

Yesterday evening I went with Bunny, Fran and Keir to a fundraising night for a local play project. There was an incredible line up of live music and I had an amazing time. I took my wheelchair which, after some … read more

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Wheelchair Envy

This afternoon I had a meeting at Tate Modern and after it I decided I’d like to have a quick look at some of the exhibits there. I was tired and struggling to walk so Fran got me one of … read more

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Skills Audit

This morning while Fran was helping me get ready for work I started ticcing about the skills my support workers have to have. It began to sound like a very unusual job description.

My support worker needs to:

“Run around … read more

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Who’s Worried?

When I phoned the bank earlier I explained to the person who answered that I had Tourettes and she said: “That’s OK I don’t mind, don’t worry about it.”

Although she meant this to sound positive, whenever anyone says something … read more

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“I See Dead Sequins”

Living with Poppy has brought a lot of sparkle into my life, mainly because she’s so lovely but also because of her huge collections of sequins. Poppy’s a costume designer and a big sequin lover. This has inevitably meant that … read more

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The Lying Zone

I’ve written a lot about my ‘ticcing fits’ but I realise I haven’t mentioned one of their crucial phases. It’s the bit between my speech returning and the fit actually finishing. My friends refer to this affectionately as … read more

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The Flood

I’ve spent the day at Leftwing Idiot’s because there was no-one to stay with me at the castle. Leftwing Idiot had a lot of urgent work to do, so we sat in the same room and I went through … read more

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