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“Can You Say That Again?”

Over the last year of performing Backstage In Biscuit Land I’ve met loads of great people. One of them is Josh, and he’s written a guest blog on a very important issue – five words that we can use to … read more

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Educating the Educators

A few weeks ago I read an incredible blog post by Sophia, a young woman with Tourettes, on the ten things she’d like you to know about the condtion.

I thought it was brilliant, so I asked Sophia if she’d … read more

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Tic Box

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Sophie, an amazing young artist who has Tourettes. She shared with me some images of an incredible creative project she’d undertaken in response to her tic. I was blown away … read more

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Bullying - Take Action

This week is Anti-bullying Week so it was very timely that an email popped up from Touretteshero supporter Courtney, proposing a guest blog about bullying. I’m going to hand over to Courtney now so she can share her thoughts and … read more

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Finding The Positives

I’ve written before about ‘Tourettes Mums’, the amazing mothers who fight tirelessly for their children who tic. But battling for your child day in, day out is physically and emotionally demanding. Here’s one mum, guest blogger Hayley Davies-Monk, … read more

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Tips for Tics

Today’s post is written by guest blogger Alec. He shares his recent journey with Tourettes, and describes the key things that’ve helped him cope since the onset of his tics ten months ago. Over to Alec…

To start with, I’m … read more

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Guess who’s back?

Here’s my friend Joe back with some really good news – I’ll let him tell you all about it.

Guess who’s back again? Rodney’s back, tell a friend!

Hi, it’s me, Joe (Ticcer Rodney) – remember my post about the read more

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Wanted: Wrestlers!

Twelve-year-old guest blogger Dylan is back with some excellent news, a brilliant blog and a fantastic job opportunity. I’ll let Dylan explain…


I’ve got some good news: for four hours per week I’m getting help at home (maybe going … read more

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Ticcers Corner

It’s my pleasure to introduce another wonderful guest blog. Today, seventeen-year-old Joe shares his account of Saturday’s Ticnic. Over to you, Joe.

Great, I’ve been given the opportunity to add a bit to the wonderful Touretteshero blog, so here … read more

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Horsing Around

In his fourth post, twelve-year-old guest blogger Dylan fills us in on his recent equestrian adventures. I’ll let him take the reins from here.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been attending the Riding For The Disabled (RDA for … read more