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I injured my hand at some point while I was away and I was having it checked out earlier by a doctor I’d not met before. Fat Sister came with me. The doctor was very friendly and unfazed by Tourettes. … read more

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“Brambly Hedge Survival Kit”

Poppy and I headed back to London this morning. We’ve had an amazing couple of days in the countryside around Glastonbury – and I’ve brought a fair bit of countryside back with me. Two days of dropping to the floor … read more

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Joining the Journey

The van I slept in has no windows so when I woke up in this morning I had no idea what sort of day it was. I sent Leftwing Idiot a text to say I was awake and he came … read more

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Beginning an Adventure

This afternoon Poppy and I jumped on a train to Somerset, to join Leftwing Idiot for a few days. He’s making a film with our friend Nez, describing their journey along the St. Michael Ley in a pedal powered, … read more

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Sweetheart and Lovey

A few times recently people I’ve been talking to on the phone, both men and women, have called me ‘sweetheart’ or ‘lovey’. They’ve included people in professional roles like lawyers, estate agents or bank advisers, and coming from them this … read more

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The First Word

Tonight was the first episode of Planet Word, a new Stephen Fry programme exploring language (Touretteshero will feature in an episode due to air in a few weeks).

This evening’s programme explored the beginnings of language, its evolution and … read more

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Typing Error

Bunny can touch-type. But my tics don’t seem to believe this. When I was watching as she tapped away at speed on the computer, my tics kept shouting, “Bunny’s not really typing”. … read more

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Bin There, Said That

I mentioned my new regular “bin” tic the other day. For the last couple of days Tourettes has been going through lots of the old classic tics and just adding the word ‘bin’.

“I’m a bin”
“Where oh … read more

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“Am I Your Favourite Burden?”

Leftwing Idiot has gone away again, this time to make a film with some friends. He’ll be away for about three weeks. Poppy isn’t going so it’ll be just the two of us staying at his flat.

Before he … read more

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Line-up, Look Sharp!

We’ve managed to get a fantastic line up for our launch event at Plan B in Brixton next month. Just look!

The 2 Bears are getting loads of attention at the moment with fresh new tracks and high profile remixes.… read more

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