About Touretteshero

Touretteshero’s grown into massive project over the past couple of years and I’ve had lots of help with creating it and developing it from the start. The Hall of Fame below introduces you to some of the people who regularly appear in the blog as well as those who’ve given their time, energy and expertise to the project. And then we’ve got the supporters who’ve helped make the whole thing possible.

If you’ve got any questions about Tourettes or the project, check out our FAQs. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us.

Hall of fame

  • Jessica Thom

    Jessica Thom

    Jess is co-founder of Touretteshero and may or may not lead a secret double life as a superhero. Artist, playworker, and expert fundraiser, Jess currently helps coordinate a large play project in South London. Jess has had tics since she was a child but wasn’t diagnosed with Tourettes until she was in her twenties. With some encouragement from her friends, Jess decided to turn her tics into a source of imaginative creativity and the Touretteshero project was born.

  • Matthew Pountney

    Matthew Pountney

    Matthew is co-founder of Touretteshero and rumour has it he might be a Leftwing Idiot. He’s been friends with Jess for over a decade and they’ve worked together on a large number of creative projects for children during that time.

  • Will Renel

    Will Renel

    Will “The Cartoon Lion” adds a calm, quietly mischievous, presence to our team. A sound and participatory artist in his own right, Will brings a wealth of experience to his role as a Touretteshero company director. You might find him at one of our inclusive events wondering around with a sound recorder.

  • Touretteshero


    That’s me, the world’s first fully-fledged Tourettes superhero! Tourettes is pretty much the only superpower I’ll ever need. This site is dedicated to sharing the challenges and enjoyment of the unusual and often surreal world in which I live.

  • Leftwing Idiot

    Leftwing Idiot

    My long-standing and long-suffering companion, Leftwing Idiot provides support and cynicism in equal measure. Although he’s not usually an idiot, he is prone to the odd left-wing rant. Generally though he’s incredibly supportive and understanding of my Tourettes. Occasionally he finds it irritating and frustrating, but most of the time he just finds it very funny.

  • Fat Sister

    Fat Sister

    AKA Dr Rebanus, is my actual sister, but she’s not actually fat. “Fat Sister” started out as a tic when she went on a diet a while ago, and the name stuck. Fat Sister’s younger than me and doesn’t have Tourettes. Nothing fazes her – she’s always matter-of-fact about my Tourettes and pretty unshakable in general. When we were children Fat Sister was on the receiving end of lots of my tics, some of which were quite invasive, like me biting her arm at breakfast. She barely seemed to notice them most of the time, however odd and sometimes painful they were. She’s now married to King Russell.

  • King Russell

    King Russell

    Mild-mannered King Russell works in IT by day, but in his spare time he’s the technical mastermind behind the Touretteshero website. “King Russell” is one of many Russell-related tics. He’s done everything from breaking the shower to falling out of a wormhole. King Russell fully embraces his regal status and encourages people to address him as ‘Your Majesty’ at every opportunity.

  • Jess Mabel Jones

    Jess Mabel Jones

    Performer, puppeteer and co-creator of the award winning Backstage In Biscuit Land, Jess, AKA Chopin, has become an integral part of the Touretteshero family. Jess is also Associate Director of Finger in The Pie and programmer of their prestigious Finger in The Pie Cabaret.

  • Jolie Booth

    Jolie Booth

    Producer, performer, Essex girl and all round good egg, Jolie co-produced the award winning Backstage In Biscuit Land with Leftwing Idiot. She works with a portfolio of incredible companies that include: Tangram Theatre Company, Parrabbola, Brighton Science Festival and of course, Touretteshero.

  • Thump-A-Youth Man

    Thump-A-Youth Man

    Every superhero needs a guardian angel and I found mine in the unlikely form of Thump-A-Youth Man, a friendly local man who pops up and looks out for me just when I need him before disappearing. He cares about me so much that he’s prepared to strike down those who disrespect me, which is how he earned his imposing nickname.

  • The Bureaucrat

    The Bureaucrat

    If I have a guardian angel, I must also have a nemesis it seems. The Bureaucrat and his deadly dull wave have been threatening to snuff out people’s imaginations for years. His obsession with rules and paperwork is too much for me. As soon as he comes too close I start to yawn and get incredibly bored. Only when we all work together can we hope to free ourselves from his plans for world mediocrity.

  • Kyle


    I’ve worked with Kyle for years and we’re firm friends. He has an instinctive understanding of Tourettes and is there to provide support at exactly the right moment. A whistling tic of mine used to drive Kyle barmy and he spent years trying to teach me how to whistle in tune – something I still can’t do.

  • Laura


    Witty, feisty and loyal, Laura ‘Wareing-Wolf’ is one of my closest friends. She’s seen my tics change considerably over the twelve years we’ve known each other and has, at times, found their increasing severity difficult to deal with. When I started writing the blog she said, ‘Make sure you write about the times your friends get it wrong as well as right”, advice I’ve followed closely since then.

  • Emma


    Before I moved into the lair I lived with Emma in various different places for nine years. She’s the only person other than Fat Sister who’s always unfazed by my tics, although her approach is very different. Fat Sister usually ignores them, but Emma shares related facts or talks calmly back. Years ago I used to tic, “Lake” and Emma insisted on naming a lake each time I said it. She saw it was an educational opportunity, but I’m still bad at naming lakes.

  • Harry & Boyfriend Ollie

    Harry & Boyfriend Ollie

    Regular visitors to the lair, Harry and Boyfriend Ollie live nearby and can often be found lounging around on my sofa. Confusingly, Harry’s brother is called Olly too. He becomes Brother Olly for the purposes of the blog.

  • Ruth


    Apart from people on TV and my own reflection in the mirror, Ruth was the first person with Tourettes I’d ever encountered. We met several years ago and I was instantly struck by how similar our tics are. We’ve been friends ever since and often go on mischievous expeditions together – those who tic together stick together.

  • Poppy


    A long standing addition to the Touretteshero team Poppy fits in perfectly. She’s a costume designer and skilled with a sewing machine as a result. One of the many ways she helps me is by making stylish padded gloves to protect my body and hands from a long-standing chest-banging tic.

  • Bunny


    I first met Bunny several years ago through Leftwing Idiot and we became firm friends. She’s one of my support workers as well, and her kind, thoughtful support has helped me through many tricky ticcing times. She’s also one third of the amazing Access Events team who organise inclusive festivals up and down the country.

  • Fran


    Calm and organised, Fran splits her time between studying, organising inclusive festivals as part of Access Events, being a playworker and providing support to me. Fran’s stepped up at short notice to do loads of favours for Touretteshero, including modelling our T-shirts.

  • Rikki Marr

    Rikki Marr

    It was graphic designer and artist Rikki who gave the Touretteshero logo its wings. He’s been involved in the project from the start and has produced loads of great images for us already.

  • Annie The Wolf

    Annie The Wolf

    People talk about ‘the wolf’ in hushed tones. She’s my approved costume supplier and a friend of many years. Whether it’s dressing the stars or putting stars on dresses, I’m glad I’ve got the wolf in my corner.

  • Claire Ball

    Claire Ball

    Claire was the first person other than friends and family I’d ever spoke to about my tics. She’s the Services Officer for Tourettes Action and we’ve become friends in the years that I’ve known her. She’s one of the first points of contact for people calling their helpline and I can’t think of a more knowledgeable and approachable person to talk to.

  • Matt Avery

    Matt Avery

    Musician, entrepreneur, Essex loud mouth, Matt is really none of these things. He is the designer of the Touretteshero website though, and I think he’s done an excellent job.

  • Cassetteboy


    They’re two twits who will, for a fee, cut up stuff and use little bits to their advantage. In my case they’ve provided me with a theme tune and lots of sound advice.

  • Chris & Keir

    Chris & Keir

    Video art duo chris+keir are long time supporters of the project. They’ve made a tic-inspired short film and have done lots of thinking and talking about Tourettes and creativity. In short, they’re clever boys.

  • Liz Fraser & Michael Pountney

    Liz Fraser & Michael Pountney

    Diligent and hard working, Liz and Michael are the silent partners of the Touretteshero team. Their editorial skills have been helping shape the style and content of the blog for well over a year. They offer me the support and encouragement I need to get the job done.

  • Paul Baldwin

    Paul Baldwin

    As well as helping us with funding for Touretteshero, UnLtd linked us up with our business mentor Paul Baldwin, and we’re very glad they did. Paul’s helped us develop our business plan from scratch and gently encouraged us throughout a process that we started off knowing nothing about. I’m proud to say, we now know our PEST from our SWOT.

  • Guri Hummelsund

    Guri Hummelsund

    I met Guri from UnLtd over a year ago when we first went to them for funding. She was enthusiastic and encouraging about the project and we soon found ourselves with her as our development manager. She’s been great source of information and support and we’re lucky to have her on the team.

  • Dan Farrow

    Dan Farrow

    Mr WordPress himself, Dan may live a long way away but he’s close to my heart. He’s put hours and hours into making the Touretteshero website work. So if it’s not working well, that’s his fault!

  • Alex Newman

    Alex Newman

    Smooth-talking Alex Newman is host of the little known radio chat show Live Talk. We met last year when I was interviewed on the show – the result was something no one could have predicted.

  • Kat Chinnock

    Kat Chinnock

    Business mastermind, Kat helps us streamline our message and reach our targets. She’s good at blue sky thinking too! Her friendship and advice has been very useful in developing the inner workings of the project.

  • Ginny Carrel

    Ginny Carrel

    With a click of the mouse Ginny makes graphic design work look easy. She’s helped transform our ideas into amazing eye-catching images and always stays calm when the pressure’s on. She’s recently become Ginny Pickles.

  • Olive Johnson

    Olive Johnson

    Another guardian angel, Olive pops up at just the right moment with new ideas and fresh designs for making the project look amazing. She’s great at what she does and on top of that, she’s kind and generous with her time and friendship.  

  • Sam Robinson

    Sam Robinson

    Sam is a world-class freelance photographer and steps in to take pictures where others fear to tread. As a result he’s more than earned his title of Official Touretteshero Photographer.

  • Chris Shipton

    Chris Shipton

    It takes an artist like Chris to bring a superhero like me to life in pen and ink. Where others tried and failed Chris succeeded and produced some amazing images of your favourite superhero (me).

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