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This Is Not A Fitiversary

Monday was my eighth fitiversary, eight years since the day when the seizure-like episodes of intense tics that I call ‘ticcing fits’ became a regular part of my life. They’d been happening on and off for months, … read more

Satin Square Slippy Fit

The country’s in the middle of a big chill, thanks to the Beast From The East. This means icy pavements and roads. But these aren’t the only slippy surfaces I’m dealing with at the moment.

My Occupational Therapist’s given … read more

A Riddle Fit For A Time Lord

Several times a day my tics intensify and I completely lose control of my body and speech. I call these episodes ‘ticcing fits’ because they look seizure-like and need similar management.

Whenever they happen my support worker makes … read more

My Fifth Fitiversary

This afternoon I had a ‘ticcing fit’ in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Leftwing Idiot and Innes helped me out of the sea and onto the beach. I could feel the warmth of the sand through … read more

Sink Fit

I’ve had ‘ticcing fits’ in many unusual places: a fire station, a tube station, on top of some hay bales.

Often, just before my tics intensify, I behave erratically – hitting something nearby or trying … read more

Fitting In An Open Space Style

Will and I have spent yesterday afternoon at a fascinating event organised by Devoted and Disgruntled and put on by East London theatre group Access All Areas and performer Cian Binchy. The central question was:

‘How can we better … read more

Siri Fits In

A couple of days ago I wrote about Leftwing Idiot’s blossoming friendship with Siri, his new phone’s voice-activation system. He persuaded me to set Siri up on my phone too, but her responses to my tics were inconsistent and … read more

Fit For Take Off

Today began way earlier than I would’ve liked. I was out of bed and climbing into a cab by 4:30am! On the plus side, I’m now in Belfast where we’ve just finished our first performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land … read more

Fit on a Ramp

Summer holidays are our busiest time at work. The three play projects I help run are open all day every weekday during our five-week playscheme. Today was the start of our second week and all the sites were full of … read more

It Seems I Had a Fit

Nearly every day for almost four years I’ve had episodes that I call ‘ticcing fits’ when my usual tics suddenly intensify and I completely lose control of my body and speech.

Although they look seizure-like and need similar … read more