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Justice For Amy

Just over three years ago I wrote a post I should never have had to write. I knew as I typed each searingly sad word about the death of my fourteen-year-old friend Amy that it wasn’t right. Two days ago … read more

Tourettes Awareness Day

Last year I wrote about Amy El-Keria who died sadly and unexpectedly in December. Amy was a young person with Tourettes who I’d met at a group meeting. She was found unconscious with a scarf around her neck in her … read more

Year of the Biscuit

The final post of any year feels like a big deal. But at the end of such a busy year this one feels particularly significant.

As the third year of Touretteshero comes to a close I feel incredibly proud of … read more

Amy’s Day

Last week I wrote with huge sadness about the death Amy El-Keria.

This afternoon Ruth, Leftwing Idiot and I went to Amy’s Day. This was how her family had chosen to think of her funeral.

Initially Ruth and I … read more

Understanding For Amy

I’ve written many times about the importance of increasing people’s understanding of Tourettes and about my mission to ‘Change the world one tic at a time.’ But never before has this felt so important, and never before have I wished read more