Public transport

Drive Off Driver

When King Russell and I went to join Fat Sister to see in the New Year our journey got off to a bad start. We were waiting at the stop near the castle for the right bus, and I was … read more

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Bus Based Blues

I’ve always liked the bit of time between Christmas and New Year. When I was young it was full of adventures with friends, TV, and leftover Christmas chocolate. Come to think of it, these are precisely the reasons why I … read more

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What Can You Do In 58 Minutes?

What Can You Do In 58 Minutes?

• Go for a swim
• Enjoy a three course meal
Replace a toilet

I’ve just spent 58 minutes on the phone booking a train ticket.

Before I made the call I’d … read more

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Appeals on the Bus

A panel of seven judges from the highest court in the land is currently considering an issue that matters to me deeply. The judges of the Supreme Court are hearing Doug Paulley’s long-running case against his local bus company. This … read more

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On The Buses

Two months ago I shared an open letter to Leon Daniels, Managing Director of Surface Transport for Transport for London (TfL). I wrote to him following an upsetting incident when a bus driver refused to let me board his bus … read more


Dear Leon

Last month I wrote about being late for a meeting because of a bus driver refusing to let me on because there was a buggy in the wheelchair space. He simply kept the doors shut, said the space was “first … read more


Two Journeys

This morning I was late for a meeting. It wasn’t because I hadn’t allowed enough time to get there, but because I wasn’t allowed to get on the bus I was waiting for. Why wasn’t I allowed on? Because I’m … read more

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Flight 82

This time last month Leftwing idiot and I were saying a fond farewell to Toronto after our visit there for The Republic of Inclusion. With the help of our hosts and the people at the airport we had a … read more

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Flying West

This post is coming to you from somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m writing mid-flight on my way to Toronto to take part in The Progress Festival.

In just a few hours we’ll be landing in Canada. This is … read more

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An Unexpected Encounter With An Equality Champion

The accessibility of buses has been in the press a lot recently because of the High Court case about wheelchair spaces and how much responsibility bus companies have for ensuring that wheelchair users always have first claim on them, ahead … read more

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