Public transport

Flight 82

This time last month Leftwing idiot and I were saying a fond farewell to Toronto after our visit there for The Republic of Inclusion. With the help of our hosts and the people at the airport we had a … read more

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Flying West

This post is coming to you from somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m writing mid-flight on my way to Toronto to take part in The Progress Festival.

In just a few hours we’ll be landing in Canada. This is … read more

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An Unexpected Encounter With An Equality Champion

The accessibility of buses has been in the press a lot recently because of the High Court case about wheelchair spaces and how much responsibility bus companies have for ensuring that wheelchair users always have first claim on them, ahead … read more

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On The Buses

London’s a huge city with an enormous amount to enjoy and do, and for me, as for many others, working here also means I often have to travel to meetings all over the place as well. We have an impressive … read more



A few days ago Fran and I headed into town together. We were both in a cheerful, relaxed mood and chatted happily as we waited for the bus to come.

We saw it coming and stuck out our hands to … read more

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Tube Racer

I’ve just watched a fantastic video and I want to share it with you. It was created by a wheelchair user named Anthony in collaboration with Free Help Guy, an organisation that takes a direct and creative approach to … read more

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Ahh, Cats

I’ve had a lot of lovely interactions with toddlers, many on buses when I’ve been in the wheelchair spot and they’ve been next to me in a pushchair. Here’s another example from this evening:

The boy in the pushchair … read more

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A Question of Wheels

The other day Sophie and I were on a bus heading to a #BIBL rehearsal. I was in the wheelchair area, chatting to Sophie who was sitting across from me. I was ticcing quite a lot but nobody seemed to … read more

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The Next Station

I went to the University of Kent this afternoon to give a talk about Tourettes, biscuits, and the power of campaigning. It wasn’t the best-attended talk I’ve given recently but it felt like the people there were really paying attention … read more

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Dear Parent/Carer/Teacher

Please don’t turn your child’s face away from me
Or block their view of me
Or turn the pushchair around
Or give them the look

Children are curious about the world around them and always look at things that interest … read more

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