Two Years of Tories

Two years ago this week two important things happened that have had a big impact on my life.

The first was finding out about a government scheme called Access to Work which provides support to disabled people at work.

The … read more


Destruction Day for DLA

There isn’t much to say other than that I’m very sad that the Lords have failed to delay the destruction of Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Despite the compelling evidence and testimonies of disabled people and the articulate advocacy of individuals, … read more


Why Everyone Needs to Know About Spartacus

To most people Spartacus was just a famous historical figure, leader of a revolt of the slaves against the Roman republic, and hero of numerous film and TV dramas. To an ever-increasing number of people Spartacus now means the last … read more

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Cameron Balls

David Cameron is quoted in an interview in one of today’s papers as saying that sitting opposite Ed Balls, the shadow Chancellor, during Prime Minister’s Questions is, “Like having someone with Tourette’s sitting opposite you.”

What do you mean David? … read more


Marching for the Alternative

The government’s spending cuts are brutal, hitting crucial frontline services throughout the country. Today I joined thousands of people on a protest march through central London, organised by the TUC.

I’ve been on protests before but they’ve always been … read more

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Project Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, or as I declared earlier, “Happy Complicated Love Lives Day”

I’m ticcing a lot about love at the moment:

“I love you.”
“I love sheepdogs.”
“I love you shaded donkey.”

Sadly love isn’t really the thing on … read more

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“The Lesbians are Making a Meccano Set”

This afternoon I went with Leftwing Idiot to a protest, organised by the group Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC). It took place outside the headquarters of ATOS, the company which is set to make a lot of … read more

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One Month Before Heart Break

It’s a month before Valentine’s Day and a month before the end of the government’s poorly thought out consultation on Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Today, bloggers from all over the UK are writing to mark One Month Before Heart Breakread more

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Dancing, Bedlam and Acronyms

This morning I went for an assessment to see if HRT (Habit Reversal Therapy) could help me manage some of my more damaging tics, like thumping my chest and hitting my head. I’ve had to fight to get the assessment … read more

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A letter arrived this morning to say that I’ve been awarded Disability Living Allowance. DLA is a benefit that helps cover the additional costs of having a disability. I’ll get a backdated payment from when I applied in April and … read more

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