Tough Tics Survivor’s Guide

It’s the eve of my fitiversary. Two years ago tomorrow I woke up having what became known as a ‘ticcing fit’. But that morning it was just a weird and terrifying escalation of my tics that left … read more

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Reclaiming Our Futures

A year ago today I went to protest outside the offices of the private healthcare company Atos – you’ll find more about that protest here. We were drawing attention to the inhumane Work Capability Assessment (WCA) that Atos administers … read more

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Is This Government Fit For Work?

Over the last year the Government has introduced a huge number of damaging policies that target disabled people. These’ve seen spending on support for disabled people slashed, schemes and services abolished, hard won equalities thrown away, and disabled people vilified … read more

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Parking Mad

This morning I woke to the news that our beloved Chancellor George Osborne has been caught parking in a bay reserved for disabled people – my heart sank.

“What’s the harm in that?” you might ask, “we all do it … read more

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In Loving Memory

It’s April Fools’ Day, a day recognised all over the world as the time for jolly pranks and elaborate hoaxes. Today we’ll read absurd stories about spaghetti growing on trees, interruptions to gravity or Viagra for hamsters, and … read more

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Four Words Further Forward

A few weeks ago I wrote about the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP), the disability benefit that’s due to start replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) from April.

There are many big concerns about PIP, which appears to be being brought … read more

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This Is Going to be the Phrase that Saves You

Today I’m going to write about four very important words and none of them is ‘Biscuit.’

Yesterday I wrote about the changes to the assessment process for the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which will replace DLA from April this … read more

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Attention Everybody with a Body

I’ve written about the Government’s poorly conceived and callous Welfare Reform Bill many times in the last two years, often saying how scared these policies make me feel. Leftwing Idiot doesn’t like it when I say this – understandably he … read more

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Bent Backs and Fight Backs

I started writing this post in the early hours of yesterday morning. I was feeling tense and restless and initially I couldn’t work out why, but my mind kept coming back to my wheelchair. Two weeks ago I wrote with … read more

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Time For Some Action

I took the day off work today. It wasn’t because I was ill or had a relaxing holiday planned but because I wanted to be at a protest against the drastic cuts to disability and sickness benefits that are putting … read more