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My Memory Kicks Back

I’ve always prided myself on having a good memory. When I worked on big children’s projects I always knew everyone’s name. My friends often tease me about how much detail I can recall – for example I can tell … read more

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Discovering Soap

While we were in Inverness Will introduced me to an expensive new habit – bath bombs!

Wow, how did I miss out on all the radical developments in bathing technology that have occurred recently? The colourful, multisensory extravaganza of the … read more

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Sunny Strawberries

After two weeks away, working pretty much every day on Hacks For The Future, it feels super-lovely to be back at home with a few days off.

Today’s been great, mainly spent pottering around, tidying, washing and getting the … read more

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Not Fit For Purpose - My Seventh Fitiversary

Today is my seventh fitiversary. Seven years ago today I woke up experiencing an episode of intense back-to-back tics. They’d been happening on and off for a while but this intensification was impossible to ignore.

Since then I’ve spent … read more

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Hacks For The Future

We’ve spent the last two weeks in Inverness working on our Hacks For The Future residential with eight disabled young creatives and two amazing associate artists, Heather Marshall and Aby Watson. We’ve been supported by a great team from … read more

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“I’m A Phoenix, Biscuit”

It’s Sunday evening, the end of a long and difficult week. But rather than feeling gloomy I feel hopeful, rescued by an incredible piece of theatre and a slice of my own advice.

The week kicked off with a hospital … read more

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