Month: March 2016

Expressing Exhaustion

Yesterday we completed the third of our seven-week UK tour with a performance at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich. The space was beautiful, the audience warm, and the show went well.

I’ve never toured with this intensity before though. There are lots of good things about it – we’ve visited lots of interesting places in our incredible new tour bus, we’ve met loads of lovely people, and hanging out with the team on the road has been fun.…

“Independent Pissing or Pounds? Choose”

I’ve just been to the toilet.

To be able to do this safely I need a number of aids. Some of these are permanent and stay in the bathroom, like the grab rail and the emergency alarm. Others are things I need to replace regularly – for example the kneepads that protect me when I move onto the floor to pull up my knickers – or the leggings I wear so I don’t have to worry about fastenings – or the panty liners to help when I don’t make it to the toilet in time.…