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Just another magic leap year

In ten minutes time it’ll be March. But right now it’s still 29th February, and we’re in the final minutes of this once-in-four years leap year.

Right on cue my tics have bounded in to mark the occasion:

“How … read more

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Three years ago on a sunny spring day Will and I went for a walk in our local park. It was a memorable walk for three reasons. First, it was one of the first times Will and I did something … read more

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Loo-shaped Legacy

Six years ago when I started working as the Project Coordinator at a children’s play organisation in London we didn’t make any formal provision for disabled children.

A year and a half later we started our Inclusion Project, with Leftwing … read more

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Wheely Cold

I popped to the local shop yesterday evening with my carer. On the way I noticed she was pushing my chair when I could’ve been doing it myself, so I took over. I wondered why I hadn’t been doing this … read more

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Chronic Fatigue and Lasting Friendships

During the last six years spent a part-time superhero I’ve met a great many others who are on missions of their own. Yesterday guest blogger Kaira took control of the blog – today I’m going to hand over to another … read more


Wheelchair Fraud

Five years ago tics in my legs started affecting my mobility so much that one consultant rather upsettingly described it as being like ‘the Ministry of Silly Walks’. I struggled on for months, walking in a chaotic way, falling … read more


Fat Sister’s Birthday Bernard

It’s Fat Sister’s birthday very soon but because she’s going to be away for the day itself we had a get-together this evening.

I’d been struggling with what to get her this year. I wanted it to be something that … read more

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Fantasy Lift

My inflatable bath lift is broken again. It’s not even a year since the Polterloo incident when it started inflating itself in the middle of the night.

This time the issue’s more mundane, it’s just not inflating when I turn … read more

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Fat Sister Strikes Again

Fat Sister’s a specialist Registrar in a busy South London hospital. Like every doctor I’ve ever met she takes the oath she made to ‘do no harm’ very seriously. Her day and night shifts are always long, she … read more

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An Emotional Announcement

A week ago Leftwing Idiot and I had a conversation that I know we’d both been dreading, one that had been hanging over us for several months but which suddenly took on a new urgency as we rolled into February. … read more

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