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Rock Stars

This time last month I went to Glastonbury. I was there for four amazing days, but the time seemed to go really quickly. So when, just over 38 hours ago, I headed off to another festival – Camp Bestivalread more

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Fit on a Ramp

Summer holidays are our busiest time at work. The three play projects I help run are open all day every weekday during our five-week playscheme. Today was the start of our second week and all the sites were full of … read more

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The Search Begins

Yesterday our summer playscheme kicked off at work, and for the next five weeks our projects will be open all day every day, Monday to Friday. I’ve been adjusting my schedule a bit too, so my support workers are now … read more

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Turbine Festival One City One Day

On Saturday 25th July come and join Touretteshero co-founder Jess Thom at Tate Modern’s Turbine Festival.

At the free Turbine Festival 2015, Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall becomes your playground; and everyone’s invited. Come for a great day of music, … read more

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The Right Chair

Regular readers of this blog will know I need no excuse to write about wheelchairs. When it comes to wheelchairs I’m a woman obsessed, but it’s an obsession with a very valid origin. The right wheelchair gives me autonomy and … read more

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Tic Box

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Sophie, an amazing young artist who has Tourettes. She shared with me some images of an incredible creative project she’d undertaken in response to her tic. I was blown away … read more

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Post Lamp-Post Post

It’s just after 11pm, I’m sitting in bed, and the lamp-post I can see from my window is glowing warmly. I’m chatting to it periodically as I do most nights. Tonight, though, the conversation has particular significance:

“Lamp-post, were your … read more

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It Seems I Had a Fit

Nearly every day for almost four years I’ve had episodes that I call ‘ticcing fits’ when my usual tics suddenly intensify and I completely lose control of my body and speech.

Although they look seizure-like and need similar … read more

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Taking the Piss

Several years ago I started taking a muscle-relaxant medication called Baclofen and from the very beginning I noticed that I needed to wee more frequently and urgently. My doctors didn’t seem surprised by this and apparently it’s not an uncommon … read more

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Will and I spent this weekend in Cardiff with the wonderful Captain Hotknives at Unity Festival. It’s an inclusive and accessible arts festival, organised by Hijinx Theatre, that showcases a wide variety of work made by disabled and … read more

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