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Reclaiming Our Futures

A year ago today I went to protest outside the offices of the private healthcare company Atos – you’ll find more about that protest here. We were drawing attention to the inhumane Work Capability Assessment (WCA) that Atos administers … read more

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Council Tax - Disabled Band Reduction Scheme

The hateful Bedroom Tax, which is forcing many disabled people who rent their homes from local authorities to pay more rent because they need extra space due to their disability, has been in the news a lot over the … read more

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Who Pressed the Mute Button?

Today, I’m quite literally speechless: I’ve completely lost my voice again. It started to go on the way back from Shambala and has yet to return. I went to the doctor this morning and she said it’s the same … read more

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My Favourite Idiot’s Back

This morning at 9.30am my support worker arrived to take me to work. This is what happens most days and it isn’t usually a cause for particular excitement. But today my support worker was Leftwing Idiot.

He’s been away at … read more

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Without Wheels

On the way back from Shambala yesterday we stopped for a couple of breaks at motorway service stations. My wheelchair had been dismantled to fit into the very full car, so at both stops I was on my feet instead … read more

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Post Shambala Post

What an amazing weekend! I’ve just got back to the castle after spending the last few days at the Shambala Festival. I’ve returned happy and relaxed, but with no voice.

For the last couple of days I’ve felt a … read more

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My Shambala - A Rough Guide

Today was the last day of Shambala Festival 2013. Shambala’s a creative, family-friendly festival that takes place near Market Harborough, and for the last three days it’s been my home.

Although this is only the second year I’ve been … read more

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Back At Shambala

This will be a short post because hopefully, by the time you read it, I’ll be happily ensconced in a field in Leicestershire, whizzing about in my gold party chair and catching up with lots lovely people. In other words, … read more

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World of The Zodiac - Virgo

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the astrological year! Here’s the sixth ticced World of the Zodiac horoscope – this time it’s Virgo.

There’s a mixture of sage and un-sage advice in this one (unlike all the others, which … read more

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Drawn to Penguins

I’ve described my tics’ strange obsession with penguins many times before. They’ve said a lot of things about penguins, said that my own hand is one, and made me laugh hysterically about them. For some reason I pay a lot … read more

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