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Trekinetic Days

A month ago I came across the Trekinetic wheelchair at the Mobility Road Show in Telford, which I went to with Fat Sister and my dad.

The Trekinetic’s designed as an all-terrain chair and can go over ground that no … read more

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Don’t Mention The Tits

It’s Poppy’s birthday in a couple of days so Zoë and I have planned a surprise. We’ve made her a spectacular and gaudy cake.

Poppy’s a costume designer and has spent a lot of time recently hand-carving some foam into … read more

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Goodbye Leftwing Idiot, Hello Geranium

Leftwing Idiot popped over this evening to say a final goodbye before he goes to Edinburgh for a month, and he didn’t come alone. With him was my old nemesis, the geranium.

Since its arrival in his flat … read more

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The Ruby Do

Over the last few months the organisation I work for has been gearing up for the Ruby Do – a big, accessible, family event celebrating creativity, inclusion and forty years of providing adventurous play opportunities for local children.

All week … read more

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“Cat Sex Pyjamas”

Over the last week or so a new regular tic’s been creeping into my repertoire. Predictably it relates to animal sex again but this time it’s even stranger than usual. My “Cat sex” tic has evolved and clearly … read more

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Capers In Cornwall and Rubies in Stockwell

It’s 11am and Nez and I have just left Truro on a train bound for London. We’ve been in Cornwall for the last two days having a lovely time. I’m heading home feeling happy and relaxed.

Yesterday I ran a … read more

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Hello Penryn, Bye Bye Clunk

Yesterday I woke early, as did my friend Nez who’d stayed at the castle last night. By 8.00am we were on our way to Paddington Station and from there we were soon speeding through the countryside towards Penryn.

I’m in … read more

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The Geranium Dilemma

A couple of days ago I mentioned that Leftwing Idiot’s soon to be going away for a month. I explained then that I’d sorted out alternative support for myself while he’s away.

This evening we discussed care arrangements for his … read more

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World of The Zodiac - Leo

In the past few weeks summer’s at last swung into action, and as we race towards August it’s time for another Tourettes-inspired horoscope.

Here are your predictions, mighty Leos, for your lion hearts and your hedgehog heads.

I’m intrigued … read more

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Idiot’s Away

Tonight’s the last time Leftwing Idiot’s going do my overnight support until September.

Next week he’s heading to Edinburgh where he’ll be in a show with our friends Cassetteboy for the whole of August.

When we first talked about him … read more

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