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Work Out

In the last week there’ve been a lot of changes to my support schedule because my regular team have either been away or unwell. To my surprise, it’s not been too much of a problem – I’ve had different people … read more

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Hand of Horrors

When I was with King Russell this evening I had a ‘ticcing fit’. It was the type of fit that makes my muscles tense up and become rigid rather than thrash about. King Russell managed to unlock one … read more

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Wait, What?!

When I was out shopping with Bunny this afternoon I had a baffling exchange with a sales assistant. While I was waiting at the checkout he pointed at my wheelchair and said: ‘Wow, is that a portable running machine?’

I … read more

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“I’m Going to Compete in the Olympics as a Sand Dune.”

Last night I stayed at Bunny’s and we watched part of the Olympic Opening Ceremony with her parents. As usual my tics added extra commentary, shouting out suggestions and repeatedly squealing, “Amdram!” whenever an emoting actor came on screen.

There … read more

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Earlier, something Leftwing Idiot and I were doing at work overran by several hours. This left us both hungry and annoyed and as a result we got cross with each other. As we headed out to get some food I … read more

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Sleep Shortage

It’s been a long day after a tough night.

I’ve been fighting a cold for the last week or so and my ‘ticcing fits’ have increased as they often do when I’m under the weather. They’d been … read more

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There’s a Head in my Bucket

After work this afternoon I sat in the garden with Bunny and Leftwing Idiot. It was a beautiful evening. The three of us had our feet in large buckets of cold water while we chatted. Midway through a conversation a … read more

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Emergency Repairs

Yesterday I wrote about how thoroughly I’d cleaned my wheelchair after the festival. What I hadn’t realised was how broken it was.

I went for a hospital appointment this morning and the constantly falling-off tyre and squeaky wheels made getting … read more

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Finding My Wheelchair’s Hidden Depths

It’s a good job it was a hot day yesterday – it took me over three hours to clean my wheelchair and I got very wet in the process. It was satisfying finding lumps of mud in crevices I never … read more

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Festival Heroes

I’m back at home this evening after a great weekend. I’ve been thinking about some of the big and small acts of kindness that made it easier for me to enjoy the festival. Here are my top five heroes:… read more

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