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Happy Rare Disease Day

Today is Rare Disease Day, an international day that aims to increase awareness of conditions that affect relatively small numbers of people. People with many different rare conditions have posted their experiences and stories online to help promote understanding … read more

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Marmoset Moves In

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my long-standing biscuit tic was becoming increasingly rare. It hasn’t gone completely but I’m saying it a lot less than I did. Instead I’ve been ticcing a lot about “Sheep”, “Women” and the … read more


Gambling with my Health

Since I started having ‘ticcing fits’ back in October I’ve been recording how many I’ve had each day and how long each one’s lasted. Every night I enter the numbers onto a spreadsheet. The other day Leftwing Idiot … read more

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Counts, Shoots and Leaves

When I was sitting in Leftwing Idiot’s kitchen this afternoon while he prepared lunch I found myself absentmindedly counting the leaves on his geranium. It’s not unusual for me to start counting stuff like this when I have a … read more

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Staying In

Last year as my mobility deteriorated I described watching a lovely day drift past and how sad I felt at not being able to go out and enjoy it. It was particularly upsetting because I knew it was a situation … read more

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All Change

A few days ago I wrote about how my support arrangements had to change at short notice because so many of my friends and support workers were ill. Today there’s been another last minute change, but this time it’s because … read more

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Spring Hops In

This afternoon I went over to the nature garden (one of three projects run by the organisation I work for) where I was greeted by a colleague who told me very excitedly that the frogs had arrived. This is brilliant … read more

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Modern Signs

I went to the Tate Modern this morning for a meeting about some work I’m doing there. Because it’s a massive building and I needed to do a fair bit of moving about I used one of their complimentary wheelchairsread more


Richard Gere Tuesday?

It’s Leftwing Idiot’s turn to support me during the night tonight but because he’s not been very well for the last few days and still isn’t 100%, I’ve come to his flat for the night so at least he can … read more

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Baclofen Breath

The other day I wrote about the strange breathing I’ve been doing recently. I’ve been feeling short of breath, and having to breathe much more deeply than usual. To start with I tried to dismiss it as just another tic … read more

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