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From Idea to Reality

This time two years ago I made a resolution – to look for ways to acknowledge and celebrate my tics rather than ignore them and the increasing impact they were having on my life.

I’m proud to say that this … read more


Passing the Baton

Organising my support over the last few weeks has sometimes felt like choreographing a never-ending relay race.

I’ve had to make sure there’s always someone to take over from the last person who’s been with me. It’s been complicated at … read more

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Lock Aid

This morning I had new locks fitted to the front door of the castle. This might not sound like a very exciting event but they’re no ordinary locks. There are two of them and both have the same smooth read more

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Fat Sister’s ‘Patented Move’

King Russell popped out earlier to pick up some groceries and almost immediately I started having a ‘ticcing fit’. Fat Sister (who’s a doctor and has worked in some of London’s busiest hospitals) said ‘Oh, no, please can … read more

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Brain Box

Last week I watched the third programme in Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series. The stories in each programme aren’t connected but there are wider themes that overlap. The last episode was called The Entire History of You. It showed … read more

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16 BPM

King Russell and I have just done a little experiment, the conclusion of which is that I’m currently running at 16 bpm (Biscuits per Minute).

If this is a consistent rate, it means I tic, “Biscuit” approximately 960 times an … read more


Festive Geraniums, Urggh!

Once again, and for one day a year only, my “Happy Christmas” tic is in context so, Happy Christmas! Fat Sister’s gift from her employer, the NHS, is three fourteen hour shifts – including one today. Despite this she’s … read more

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Touched by the Past

Naturally at this time of year people tend to think about their childhoods, and I was prompted to think about mine yesterday by a ‘ticcing fit.’

Last night just as the ‘fit’ was ending I noticed  one of … read more

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Changing Hearts and Minds

One of the last minute things Leftwing Idiot and I had to do before Christmas was go to the chemist to pick up my prescription so I have enough medication for the holidays.

Normally the surgery send my prescription direct … read more

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The Tourettesmobile

This afternoon Leftwing Idiot and I went and picked up my new wheels. I’d had a call from the wheelchair clinic a couple of days ago to say my new chair was ready and that I should come for … read more

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