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So Many Layers of Shit

Last night I cried – properly sobbed. It happened while I was talking to Leftwing Idiot about the acute ticcing fits I’ve been having for the past week. He said, ‘You can’t go into another week pretending everything’s OK, because … read more


“Biscuits Are Doing It For Themselves”

A few days ago I wrote about my motto, “Changing the world one tic at a time.” I had a really good example of what this means yesterday when I called a supermarket helpline because of an incorrect … read more

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The word respite isn’t one I like very much. It’s often used to describe the break carers need from caring. An online dictionary definition I found defines it as meaning “A short period of rest or relief from something difficult … read more

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Here we go
Yesterday we launched this website and last night we celebrated by holding our launch party. In the cab on the way to the venue I started having a hard time with my tics and Leftwing Idiot … read more

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Changing the World One Tic at a Time…

I haven’t always been a superhero. I was reminded of this earlier when I was looking back through some old emails. I found the first one from Leftwing Idiot where he encouraged me to embrace my Tourettes and approach it … read more

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The other day I mentioned that I’ve been having trouble recently getting my words out. When this happens I know what I want to say but all that comes out is a jumble of sounds. This afternoon I was … read more

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Chasing the Biscuit

There was a woman in the park near work today who’d lost control of her dog, a Golden Retriever, and she kept shouting its name, ‘Biscuit, Biscuit’. It was an unfortunate coincidence that, with Leftwing Idiot, I was there too, … read more

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After the Storm

I’ve been very settled today, more so than for months. I don’t know if I’m just noticing the contrast with how bad things were over the weekend or whether it’s a payoff for all the exertion and medication. Whatever the … read more

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Sleeping It Off

I’ve spent much more time asleep than awake today because of some drugs I was given last night to stop me ticcing.

The explosive motor ticcing episodes I described on Friday carried on into yesterday. Leftwing Idiot and I agreed … read more

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You Have a 1990s Face

Following the success of our amazing 2 Bears track give away a couple of weeks ago, I’m very excited to be offering another totally exclusive track today, in the lead up to our launch event on Thursday 27th.

Al Tourettes, … read more

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