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This evening while I was having a particularly intense series of tics that were twisting my arms in a dramatic and painful way I ticced, “I’m a spiscuit.” This was followed immediately by, “A cross between a spastic and a … read more

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The Long and Short Walk of It

I suddenly realised this afternoon that I needed to go to the bank but, although it’s only five minutes away, the prospect of walking there filled me with dread. It’s not a day when I have support at work so … read more

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Telly Biscuit

This morning I finished sorting through my stuff and packing it up in preparation for leaving the lair in a week or so. While I was doing this I came across a drawing I’d done when I was about eight. … read more

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Renaming the Bun in the Oven

Yesterday I wrote that I’d been hanging out with friends, including Laura who’s eight months pregnant. What I didn’t mention is the new name Tourettes gave to her bump. I repeatedly ticced:

“Hello, Laura’s cum cake.”… read more

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Delicious Day

I’ve had a lovely day. I’d planned to spend it packing up the lair, boring but necessary. However it turned into a blissful afternoon and evening hanging out with my friends.

Laura texted to ask if I was up for … read more

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“I’m Over Excited About Sheep”

I am excited, but not about sheep. This afternoon we’re unveiling the Touretteshero website (unofficially at least). I’ve been writing about living with Tourettes every day since January 1st 2010. The 603 entries to date are a record of … read more



NOSI, stands for Non-Obscene Socially Inappropriate behaviour. This might be making remarks about someone’s height or weight for example. It can be a feature of Tourettes although it’s not something that’s generally a problem for me.

This evening I … read more

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Walking Practice

The volunteer coordinator from SDA came to visit again today. She’s going to find a volunteer to go swimming with me. But first she wanted to try walking with me herself so she had a better idea of what was … read more

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Rapid Response

This morning I had my needs assessed by a social worker from the Physical Disabilities Team. She was friendly, listened carefully and took time to understand my situation. It was a relief to talk about the impact my tics … read more

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The Return of the Prodigal Glove

During Easter playscheme a child I work with pinched one of my gloves and took it home. He’s been promising to return it ever since. Today, at last he did, freshly laundered by his mum.… read more

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