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The Evolution of Ouch

A few weeks ago I described how instead of saying ‘Ouch’ whenever I hurt myself I had started to tic, “Mystery.” This has now inexplicably evolved, and the new indication I’m in pain is, “Minty.”

‘Ouch’ has another … read more

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Distracting the Kids with Biscuits

I’ve been working late this evening so I’ve only just got back to the lair, and I’m feeling angry and depressed. It isn’t anything tic-related this time. It’s about a consultation meeting organised by the Council about cuts to services … read more

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Dance ‘til you Drop

I’ve just got back from a brilliant day at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, organised by my friend Annie the Wolf who’s a dancer and interested in the movements of my tics. I spent this afternoon along with her, Leftwing … read more

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The Matter of Motor Control

I came across an article online earlier which describes the results of a recent research study into Tourettes, based on some earlier findings. The researchers used MRI to look at the area of the brain responsible for controlling movement and … read more

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Fame at Last

I was having a relaxed morning browsing the Internet, looking at how yesterday’s march was being reported when I noticed a familiar masked figure on the BBC news homepage. Not a marching anarchist, but Touretteshero, me!

I was interviewed … read more

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Marching for the Alternative

The government’s spending cuts are brutal, hitting crucial frontline services throughout the country. Today I joined thousands of people on a protest march through central London, organised by the TUC.

I’ve been on protests before but they’ve always been … read more

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This afternoon I went for my Habit Reversal Therapy. I got to the station earlier than normal and asked a member of staff for information about the next train. I had the feeling he wasn’t really listening and just … read more

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Squirrel Fame

I’ve mentioned loads of times how often squirrels have featured in my tics, but at the moment I’m hardly ticcing about them at all.

Earlier on, when I was walking through a park near work, I passed a group of … read more

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Best Foot Forward, Backwards, and Over

I’ve written before about how my tics interfere with the way I walk and how they make every step unpredictable. Turning my ankle over is one of the most painful of them. This happens to most people every now and … read more

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“Lesbian is More”

Earlier on I was talking to a colleague at work who kept referring to my ‘partner’. When I told him that I don’t have a partner, he looked confused and said, “You brought her to the RockCorps event last year.”… read more

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