Monthly Archives: July 2010

My Head’s Spinning

I went to a party in Clapham tonight for Laura’s birthday. I travelled home with my friend Emma in a black cab. We dropped her off first and headed for the lair. As we pulled up, the driver said, “Exorcism … read more

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Glove Rustling

While I was chatting to a group of men in a bar tonight, one of them was very taken with my gloves. He pulled one off and put it on himself. I said, “I’ll need that back in a second,” … read more

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Leftwing Idiot said he’d been talking to a friend about me and my special powers. She lives nearby but I don’t know her. She’d seen me in Morrisons at some point and remembered exactly how I bang my chest. Although … read more

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Friendship and Flying

Laura called earlier. She’s been reading the blog which she’s been enjoying. She told me that it’s made her think about Tourettes – and its impact on me – in new ways.

One of the things she wanted to know … read more

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It’s been a bad day, not specifically because of Tourettes but just one of those days that doesn’t feel like it’s going right. Because I felt moody and unsettled I was particularly unpleasant to Leftwing Idiot, and this lead to … read more

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Happy Christmas

“Calm down Christmas time.”

“Do you think I’m a Christmas tree?”

“God hates Christmas.”

“Runner, runner, runner, runner, Christmas bean.”

….it’s July.… read more

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Presents and Planning

I’m very excited. I’ve just bought birthday presents for Laura and Leftwing Idiot. Laura’s birthday is next week but there are still two months before Leftwing Idiot’s. I suspect this will mean the “I’ve bought you a hat” … read more

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A letter’s just flopped through the door from my local Primary Health Trust (PCT). It’s about my request for Habit Reversal Therapy (HRT) which I’ve talked about before. HRT could help me develop strategies to turn some … read more

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Cutting Out

I was talking to Laura on the phone on my way to work about the cuts to public services.

She asked if I was in the cab that Access to Work provides. I said, “Yeah, although I expect it’ll get … read more

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“I’m a baby”

I have a new regular tic which I’ve been saying all this week. It’s, “I’m a baby”. I say this in the same husky voice as my, “Bye, bye” tics but with the addition of a slight northern … read more

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