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Today we welcomed Karen into the Touretteshero family. Karen, who arrived in the UK on Friday from Costa Rica, is the fiancée of Brother Olly – a frequent visitor to the lair. Olly is Harry’s brother, not to be confused … read more

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It’s two weeks until King Russell’s birthday.

I bought his present – an expensive but brilliant Star Wars Storm Trooper cap – about two months ago. He loves Star Wars and has lots of clothing featuring characters from the films. … read more

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A Disturbing Hair Day

Shopkeeper: “Are you disturbed?”

TH: “No, I have Tourettes Syndrome. I’m not disturbed.”

Shopkeeper: “What about your hair?”… read more

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Get Your Hands on a Bird

“Fingers on buzzards.”

Game over.… read more

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Stand and Deliver

I went into the post office this morning and as I approached the counter I shouted,

“Hands up!”

Fortunately I’m a regular customer so this didn’t result in any panic buttons being pressed.… read more


Was That Me?

While I was out this evening a young man started to mimic the noises I was making. Bizarrely, he was so good at it that to begin with I was unsure whether it was me or not.

Once I’d worked … read more

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Hitting the Spot

I’m still hitting myself in the face quite a lot and as a result I’ve found that there’s a part of my cheek that – when hit – makes my eye twitch.… read more

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Finding Yourself

I was looking at Twitter this evening and came across this tweet from three days ago:

Managed not to laugh at the Tourettes woman on the tube who mentioned: squirrel, batman, squirrel humper, piss and Basic Instinct.

There’s … read more

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Emailing My Everlasting God

I must have fallen asleep with the TV on last night because I woke up this morning to a group of cheery people blaring out a hymn.

However hard I listened to the lyrics, all I could hear was, “Emailing … read more

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Squawking Along in the Pond

I felt much better this morning, and this afternoon I went swimming with Harry. Harry’s a friend of ours who lives nearby with her boyfriend Ollie.

“Ollie has hair.”

It’s been baking hot in London so we went straight to … read more

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