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Meal Planning with Sponge Bob

Tonight, while discussing what we were going to have for dinner, Leftwing Idiot said he wanted some cake. This resulted in 20 minutes of:

“Sponge cake, Bob Pants.”

“Champagne Bob, Square Pants.”

“Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob Pants.”

I have no … read more

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Breakfast Banter

Over breakfast in a greasy-spoon and in the company of some very hung-over humans, I offered some technical computer advice to no one in particular:

“Overclock your soul.”

I was clearly:

“Wrecked on the rocks in my mind.”


“I … read more

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Last Day

I’m back from my last day at work. I’ve been here for three years and although I’m excited about my new job, I’ve met and worked with loads of amazing people and saying goodbye to them was difficult.

My tics … read more

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No Excuse

Leftwing Idiot and I were having dinner at a café tonight. I was drinking grapefruit juice through a straw so I didn’t need to worry about lifting the glass.

While we were eating I accidentally flicked the straw and splashed … read more

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Volunteer Wanted

I’m going to have a couple of weeks off between jobs. I’m not going away but I’m planning to do a few nice things around here. I’ve got tickets to see Jerusalem, a play by Jez Butterworth I’ve wanted … read more

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Fat Sister’s Birthday

It’s Fat Sister’s birthday so we went out for a mid-week drink. We’ll celebrate properly at the weekend. I met a couple of Fat Sister’s medical colleagues for the first time and one of them kept looking at me strangely. … read more

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Just Stop It

My friends understand Tourettes and know I can’t stop my tics. Even so, quite often they’ll still say, “stop it.” This mainly happens when I’m doing something damaging, like hitting myself.

It’s usually followed up by something like “I guess … read more

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Tonight I ticced and my phone flew down the bus I was on. It brushed the arm of a young man sitting a few seats in front of me and as I went to get it I apologised and said … read more

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Thump-A-Youth Man

I was sitting outside a pub tonight with my friend Kyle when a passing stranger saw me and stopped. “Oh my God, it’s you,” he said. I’d started rifling through my mind trying to identify him when he told me … read more

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Handing Over

I’m crazy busy handing over the support of all the families on my caseload to my colleagues before I leave my job. I’m keen to make sure I don’t miss anything that needs to be done.

I’m also going to … read more

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