What About 2 Bears?

Last Friday evening Leftwing Idiot, Poppy, Keir and I went to meet our friend Raf at a recording studio in East London. Raf’s one of ‘The 2 Bears’ who, a couple of years ago, made an read more

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At the end of last month I shared the final installment of my World of the Zodiac tic-inspired prediction videos on YouTube, and in case you somehow missed them, you can watch all 12 here.

I thought that… read more

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World of the Zodiac - Sagittarius

Quick as a flash another month has passed, and once again it’s time to get mystic with a Tourettes-enriched horoscope. So, Sagittarians, here at long last are your predictions for the year. I hope you enjoy hearing what the… read more


The Great Cocoon

Well it was a strange sight – hundreds of adults sitting on the floor in groups happily cutting, sticking and chatting while they made mini-motorised Daleks. All perfectly normal it seems for London’s Science Museum Lates where once a month… read more

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Spreading Ideas, Generating Questions

Last week I spoke at TEDx Albertopolis, an event exploring the relationship between art and science held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. As an organisation TED is dedicated to sharing ideas. A key part of their ethos… read more

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World of The Zodiac - Virgo

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the astrological year! Here’s the sixth ticced World of the Zodiac horoscope – this time it’s Virgo.

There’s a mixture of sage and un-sage advice in this one (unlike all the others, which… read more

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World of The Zodiac - Leo

In the past few weeks summer’s at last swung into action, and as we race towards August it’s time for another Tourettes-inspired horoscope.

Here are your predictions, mighty Leos, for your lion hearts and your hedgehog heads.

I’m intrigued… read more

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World of the Zodiac - Cancer

I hope everybody had a happy summer solstice yesterday. Following on from this landmark event, here’s another – my fourth monthly Tourettes-enhanced horoscope.

The weather might be gloomy but I’m certain my latest predictions will help brighten things up.… read more

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Surrender Your Say…

Regular visitors to this site might’ve noticed a change to our usual homepage banner in the last few days. The regular one’s been replaced by an invitation to ‘Surrender Your Say’ and experience Tourettes Syndrome for a day.… read more

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World of the Zodiac - Gemini

Geminis – your life is full of hope. Don’t believe me? Then check out my predictions for your year ahead in the third Touretteshero World of the Zodiac video. Please share this with all the Geminis you know, love,… read more

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