Who Gets Knocked Down?

My tics love adjusting the lyrics to well-known songs. The latest for this treatment is Chumbawamba’s 1997 hit Tubthumping, better known by its most prominent lyric, “I Get Knocked Down.” In my Tourettes version a few other things… read more

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A Dusty Post

London feels dense with pollution and Saharan dust this evening. As Leftwing Idiot, Will and I made our way back to the castle we noticed how the streetlights were lighting the hazy air. Predictably my tics had something… read more

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What About 2 Bears?

Last Friday evening Leftwing Idiot, Poppy, Keir and I went to meet our friend Raf at a recording studio in East London. Raf’s one of ‘The 2 Bears’ who, a couple of years ago, made an read more

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Name Calling

Leftwing Idiot and I had an unusually long wait for my fracture clinic appointment this morning. We sat in the large waiting room chatting away while a steady stream of staff marched in calling out other patients’ names, but… read more

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Checking In With Lamp-Post

When I got into bed last night something was amiss…

… and my tics were quick to notice what it was. The lamp-post I can usually see from my bedroom window was hidden from view because Leftwing Idiot had… read more

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Who’s Steve?

Much of this blog’s a testament to the strangeness of having Tourettes. But there’s one on-going feature of my tics that I find specially baffling.

In the last eight years I’ve always had a ticced name on the go. Sometimes… read more

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The Tic-Enriched Office

Most of the time my colleagues at work don’t seem to notice my tics, except when they’re really funny. And they’re often funny – adding loads of shared laughter to our working days. But they also bring a few extra… read more

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Shopping List

I was hanging out with Fat Sister at the castle this afternoon. We were short of some essentials but as I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday’s frustrating trip to the shop I dictated a quick shopping… read more

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My Night with Zac Efron

Last night I had a strange ‘ticcing fit’. It was strange firstly because I had enough speech to tic some funny things, and secondly because of the strong presence of Zac Efron.

For anyone not familiar with… read more

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Backstage In Biscuit Land

Today’s a landmark on the road to something very exciting that’s going to happen later in the year – this morning Leftwing Idiot and I registered a show for the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s not just any… read more

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