Too Many

I was in the car with Fat Sister earlier, driving back to the castle, when a new song burst in completely out of the blue to the tune of Jason Donavon’s ‘Too Many Broken Hearts In The World’:

“There’s too… read more

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Saturday Night and Your Dog Is Getting High

I know it’s not Saturday, but it was yesterday and my tics seemed aware of that when they chose to repurpose Whigfield’s 1994 classic ‘Saturday Night.’ The tune stayed the same but the lyrics were given a radical… read more

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Blushing My Tics Off

This afternoon my tics made me blush. They very rarely do this, but for a moment my face was hot with embarrassment.

Will and I were in the office along with Leftwing Idiot, and our colleague JP.

We were all… read more

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The Lamp-post’s Still There

I was chatting to my friend Laura on the phone this evening, sitting on my bed looking out of my window. A familiar flicker in the middle distance caught my eye, and my tics responded instantly

“Good evening lamp-post.”

I’ve… read more

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Chatting Dolphin

Yesterday I wrote about how my tics have been changing – my body certainly has been doing some odd stuff recently. Today’s newcomer was a horrible screeching noise that I was making for most of the afternoon.

My phase of… read more

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Arms in Trouble

This afternoon I let out a gasp of frustration and shouted, ‘Arms, stop being dicks!’ Moments later I apologised to them, but they’re really behaving badly at the moment.

The other day I mentioned my new elbowing-things tic: walls, tables,… read more

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Fingers on Boris

A few days ago Chopin and I had a late-night rendezvous with two men, two puppets, and a camerawoman. We’d received a mysterious text from Henry, the puppeteer who created mini-Touretteshero who appears in Backstage In Biscuit Land.

Henry asked… read more

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The Rafters of Huntingdon

This afternoon as we relaxed after today’s performance of BIBL, without any reason at all, my tics turned their attention to a place down south – Huntingdon to be exact. Here’s the strange song in all its glory:

“The rafters… read more

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Heckling Christ

Yesterday evening, after a day of practical tasks like food shopping, laundry, and tidying, followed by our amazing walk and a home-cooked dinner, I felt ready to head back into the Festival.

After a bit of flyering… read more

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“Arthur’s Stool”

From the living room window of our flat in Edinburgh we can see Arthur’s Seat, the majestic hill that sits right in the heart of the City.

Today was our day off, with no performance of #BIBL, and… read more

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