Stand Up for Yourself

I woke up this morning with the gloomy feeling you get from having undertaken some sort of needlessly self-destructive activity – a potent mix of unhappiness and guilt. This was compounded by knowing that I’d been warned about the risks, … read more

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Pita Patter

It’s not every day that I arrange to meet someone I’ve never met before in our tour bus in a deserted car park in mid-Wales. But it’s not everyday that I’m at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival in Wales having being … read more

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Tax Dinosaur

David Cameron’s been in the news a lot this week, but for all the wrong reasons. This time it’s not because of inappropriate antics with farmyard animals, but because of leaked papers relating to questionable offshore investments, suggesting once … read more

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A few weeks ago I got a very interesting email from Felix Peckitt, a student, poet, programmer and fellow ticcer. He got in touch to tell me about some investigations he’d been carrying out using the thousands of my vocal … read more

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Geranium Audit

I got back to the castle yesterday to a lovely surprise – the geranium was flowering.

And mine isn’t the only one – I’ve heard rumour of other geraniums in bud. So I’ve decided it’s time to check in on … read more


A Lamp-Post Away From Home

Late last night we got back to our hotel after an amazing performance of Backstage in Biscuit Land in Norwich, our biggest audience to date. I was seriously tired but happy too. Innes helped me get to bed and I … read more

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What If The Lamp Post Disappeared?

When I was out somewhere in London earlier today I saw a fancy designer-lamp-post. It was minimalist, a single metal tube like an upside down capital letter ‘L’.

For a moment I was intrigued, trying to decide if I liked … read more

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Light Springs Forward

Yesterday morning I woke up after a much-needed sleep. It was 10am and I was really impressed that I’d slept so late, something I never normally do. The sun was pouring through a crack in my blind and my tics … read more

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Just another magic leap year

In ten minutes time it’ll be March. But right now it’s still 29th February, and we’re in the final minutes of this once-in-four years leap year.

Right on cue my tics have bounded in to mark the occasion:

“How … read more

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Stealth Post

Leftwing Idiot and I were in a cab the other day sitting in a traffic jam. I looked up and suddenly started laughing with giddy delight. My tics chipped in:

“Oh lamp-post, discretion is your middle bin.”
“Lamp-post, are you … read more

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