Let There Be Light!

I came back from a well-earned trip to the pub this evening – it was dark already so all the all the streetlights were on. I was chatting to the lamp-posts sporadically as I often do, saying goodnight by touching… read more

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New Neighbours

Last night I celebrated my birthday with loads of friends. I had a great night with lovely people, and was given loads of wonderful gifts. I’ve written before about… read more

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Bearing Up

I’ve been back at work after my epic weekend at Glastonbury. I arrived to the very sad news that the play building at our adventure playground was the victim of… read more

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Tourettes Language Tape

My tics often come tumbling out in a rush, many with their own distinct voice and intonation. So this morning it was strange to find myself ticcing in a way that sounded a bit different.

I was ticcing like a… read more

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“Friday 13th Unlucky for Bears”

It’s almost the end of Friday the 13th, and so far, fingers crossed, rabbit’s paw clutched, wood knocked, it’s passed off uneventfully. Well, in reality at least: in the ticced world there’ve been several disasters:

“Will tripped over a lactating… read more

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Sheepdog Saves Superhero From Writer’s Block

I’d settled down to write a blog post this evening but found I couldn’t think of a strong idea to write about. Then, while I was reflecting on my day, a source of sudden help bounded to the rescue– my… read more

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Good Evening and Welcome to Master Star

Out of the blue this evening, just as I was getting ready for bed, my tics started playing a new game with the Cartoon Star finger puppet I bought a few weeks ago.

It started with… read more

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A few days ago I was watching one of those TV panel shows and the subject of haikus came up. They’re short poems made up of just seventeen syllables, five in the first line, seven in the second and five… read more

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My New Star

Before moving into the castle I lived at Leftwing Idiot’s flat for a bit. While I was there my tics developed a fascination with a particularly bright star that I could see from my bedroom window as I was going… read more

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New Eras

This evening Olive and I were watching a programme about the Georgian era. My tics were immediately inspired and suggested some of their own interesting epochs:

“The Dog era.”
“The Cat era.”
“The Basingstoke era.”
“The David… read more

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