Biscuit Flood, Biscuit Drought

Leftwing Idiot sent me an article earlier that made me laugh. Apparently there have been a number of newspaper reports in the last few days warning of potential biscuit shortages as a result of the recent floods in the North … read more

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“Nostalgic Squirrel”

I’ve had my beloved “biscuit” tic for almost six years now, and soon it’ll be the longest-serving of my vocal tics … but not quite yet. Before “biscuit” there was “squirrel”, by itself, or with variations like “squirrel, squirrel”, “squirrel … read more

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Retrospective Pigs

Dear Pig Fairy

I know I decided a while ago that I no longer needed to mark each of the days when I didn’t have a ticcing fit with a highly decorated pig-shaped dog toy. But I’ve had a … read more

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No Snow

Facebook’s full of wintery scenes. It seems like snow’s fallen up and down the country, but not here in London where everything’s just a watery mess. As I opened my blind this morning my tics predictably passed comment:

“Morning sky, … read more

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An Otter Saves The Day

My possessions have quite a hard life. My tics mean that my things get dropped, thrown, bitten and squished much more often than other people’s. This means I seek out robust tic-proof items wherever possible.

Take my smart phone for … read more

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The Walls Are Rolling

I’m in the process of learning lines for a new project. In my usual way I’ve written them out on big sheets of paper and stuck them round the walls in the castle.

There’s one such sheet above my bed … read more

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Squeak Easy

Last night Olive arrived at the castle accompanied by Keith the dog. They’d just been to the Pound Shop and that meant loads of new squeaky toys for Keith.

He had a new ball, a chicken leg and a … read more

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Festive Uploads

One of the things I enjoy most about Touretteshero is seeing my tics brought to life by other people’s creativity, whether this is as poems, music, videos or images. Today I was in for a big treat … read more

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What of Lamp-Posts?

On my way home tonight I noticed something I hadn’t paid much attention to before: lamp-posts.

Obviously that doesn’t mean the lamp-post, the one I can see from my bedroom window, because I pay that one a lot of … read more

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Alternative Christmas Carols

We’re now slap bang in the middle of the festive season and there’s Christmas cheer at every turn: decorations, adverts, and Christmas songs drifting out of every speaker. Naturally my tics are getting in on the act too. Today’s been … read more

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