Fingers on Boris

A few days ago Chopin and I had a late-night rendezvous with two men, two puppets, and a camerawoman. We’d received a mysterious text from Henry, the puppeteer who created mini-Touretteshero who appears in Backstage In Biscuit Land.

Henry asked… read more

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The Rafters of Huntingdon

This afternoon as we relaxed after today’s performance of BIBL, without any reason at all, my tics turned their attention to a place down south – Huntingdon to be exact. Here’s the strange song in all its glory:

“The rafters… read more

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Heckling Christ

Yesterday evening, after a day of practical tasks like food shopping, laundry, and tidying, followed by our amazing walk and a home-cooked dinner, I felt ready to head back into the Festival.

After a bit of flyering… read more

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“Arthur’s Stool”

From the living room window of our flat in Edinburgh we can see Arthur’s Seat, the majestic hill that sits right in the heart of the City.

Today was our day off, with no performance of #BIBL, and… read more

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Poster Advice Post

I came round a corner in my wheelchair yesterday to find a man putting up a large show poster (a very familiar sight in Edinburgh). In fact he’d just finished.

My tics shouted “It’s not straight!”

He looked mortified, stood… read more

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The Long and the Short of it

In case you haven’t heard or noticed there’s been a bit of a heat wave in the UK over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been mostly enjoying the sunny weather but there’s been one slight drawback – the upsurge… read more

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New Shops

We’ve been in East London for the last couple of days working on #BIBL with the amazing Graeae Theatre Company, and it’s been incredibly useful.

When we went out for lunch we noticed the increasing… read more

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Let There Be Light!

I came back from a well-earned trip to the pub this evening – it was dark already so all the all the streetlights were on. I was chatting to the lamp-posts sporadically as I often do, saying goodnight by touching… read more

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New Neighbours

Last night I celebrated my birthday with loads of friends. I had a great night with lovely people, and was given loads of wonderful gifts. I’ve written before about… read more

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Bearing Up

I’ve been back at work after my epic weekend at Glastonbury. I arrived to the very sad news that the play building at our adventure playground was the victim of… read more

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