Tic Box

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Sophie, an amazing young artist who has Tourettes. She shared with me some images of an incredible creative project she’d undertaken in response to her tic. I was blown away… read more

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New Perspectives

I’ve lived at the castle for almost four years now, and in all that time my bed’s been in exactly the same place. My view from it has remained the same, too, except for the subtle changes broughtread more

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My support worker Sophie lives in Cuba for half the year, to escape the winter here, and comes home for the summer. This year her boyfriend Lazaro’s come with her. They’ve been staying at the castle for the last few… read more

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The Perfect Invitation

This afternoon Will and I went to our local Town Hall for a meeting.

We passed a member of staff in the corridor and I found myself making the following three statements:

“You need a hair cut.”
“I like… read more

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You’re Cold, You’re Wet, You’re Dark

This morning I was sitting down minding my own business when an entire ticced poem suddenly burst out. I quickly pressed record on my phone and managed to capture this:

You’re cold, you’re wet, you’re dark,
You’re the end… read more

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The Innermost Rave

In this morning’s session of the writing group we discussed story structure, and in particular ideas from ‘The Writer’s Journey’, a book by Christopher Vogler. Mark, who’s leading the sessions, explained… read more

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Wet Roses

A few days ago I wrote about a conversation my tics had had with the sun-drenched roses outside my bedroom window and I’d wondered if these exchanges would continue.

Today I got my answer. When I… read more

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The Weather System of the Mind

I’m not going to work this week, and I’m glad to say it’s not because I’m ill or checking myself into a day centre post-election! No, this week I’m at the Royal Court Theatre as part of a… read more

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Roses and Me

I’m just waking up. A moment ago I opened my blind and the early morning sun flooded into my room.

The roses in the garden have just come into bloom and when they caught my eye my tics came flooding… read more

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I’m A Catheter Bag

This evening a new vocal tic burst onto the scene and has carried on for several hours so far. The last time I remember a tic arriving in such a flurry was “hedgehog”, a few years ago. Any new… read more

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