Late Night Time Travel

The last few nights have felt a bit like time-travel for me, but it’s a sort of time-travel that I’m not particularly excited about.

Until four years ago I used to tic in my sleep. According to Fat Sister … read more

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Hitting the Wall

Yesterday evening I hit the wall – a physical wall and a wall of tiredness.

It’d been a busy day and by 11pm I felt my body giving up. I moved from feeling fine to being overtaken by the discomfort … read more

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Waving Calves

Everyone who’s ever met me knows I move about a lot! My motor tics (involuntary movements) are frequent, varied and for the most part very obvious. You can’t miss my constant chest banging, erratic head movements, wiggly spine, and … read more

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The Rubbish Idea Dream

I’ve written about dreams quite a bit recently, and I wrote last month about a new Inclusive Technology Prize I’m helping to judge that’s looking for enabling innovations for disabled people. The other day these two things merged in a … read more

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End of the World, End of a Dream, Start of a Fit.

I had a very odd experience the other night when a dream and a ‘ticcing fit’ became intertwined. This has happened before but on this occasion it was particularly strange.

After the fit had finished I made a … read more

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Over Reacting Dream

I woke up with a start yesterday morning after a strange dream.

I’ve described before in this blog how I sometimes overreact to tiny frustrations, and what woke me was an overreaction, but this time it was entirely imaginary.

In … read more

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Falling Awake

In the early hours of this morning I woke with a start. I’d been dreaming I was in a house with Fat Sister. It was my house, although it wasn’t the castle. We were in the bathroom and she was … read more

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Under a Cloud

Cushions are one of the crucial safety features for me at the castle, loads and loads of them, including some shaped like biscuits and some like clouds.

I had a long “ticcing fit” in the early hours of … read more

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Stolen Lemon Manifesto

I’ve been enjoying something of a dip in the regularity and severity of my ‘ticcing fits’ in the last couple of weeks and one benefit has been a welcome increase in the number of uninterrupted nights sleep I’ve … read more

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The Birds

I woke up to a ‘ticcing fit’ at 4.00am yesterday morning, and for several hours afterwards I struggled to get back to sleep. But I was still awake when the birds started chirping, and inevitably, my tics had … read more

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