“Cats Not Cuts”

On May 8th, in Brighton, I woke up to the crushing news that the Conservative Party would again be forming the next Government, this time with an overall majority. Straightaway I determined to turn my great sadness at this … read more

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The Usual Suspects

Any long-term readers of this blog will know that I have an uneasy and often difficult relationship with the police. I’ve been warned about shouting bomb, told to control myself, and I’ve even struggled not to smack their read more

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The Secret Policeman’s Bum

Leftwing Idiot and I were on a bus earlier when two police officers got on. The presence of police often leads to an increase of potentially inflammatory tics. My brain instantly latches on to all the things I shouldn’t say … read more

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Is Biscuit Your Child or Your Dog?

This morning I got a call from a police officer who’d been looking at burglary patterns in our area over Christmas. He wanted to ask me about the attempted break-in at the castle on Christmas Eve.
I hadn’t spoken to … read more

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Time For Some Action

I took the day off work today. It wasn’t because I was ill or had a relaxing holiday planned but because I wanted to be at a protest against the drastic cuts to disability and sickness benefits that are putting … read more


Ticcing Bomb

Waiting for a train with Fran and Bunny the other day I was shouting, ‘Bomb!’ amongst many other things, and a policeman, who’d been standing nearby with some colleagues, came over to us.

Policeman: Do you think that’s a sensible … read more

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Who Wouldn’t Predict A Riot?

There have been riots in many areas of London over the last few days. The first riots started in Tottenham after Mark Duggan was shot and killed by police last week. From there, unrest has spread to other parts of … read more

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“The Sound of a Sheep”

When I popped out to get some milk earlier there was a police van on the street outside the lair. As I walked past, swearing and shouting “Biscuit”, an officer who was searching someone turned and looked me up and … read more

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“The Lesbians are Making a Meccano Set”

This afternoon I went with Leftwing Idiot to a protest, organised by the group Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC). It took place outside the headquarters of ATOS, the company which is set to make a lot of … read more

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Met on the Tube

This evening I met Ruth in Islington and we had a great time. On the Tube home I was thinking about how important having a friend with Tourettes is to me. I felt happy and relaxed until three police officers … read more

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