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No Snow

Facebook’s full of wintery scenes. It seems like snow’s fallen up and down the country, but not here in London where everything’s just a watery mess. As I opened my blind this morning my tics predictably passed comment:

“Morning sky, … read more

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An Otter Saves The Day

My possessions have quite a hard life. My tics mean that my things get dropped, thrown, bitten and squished much more often than other people’s. This means I seek out robust tic-proof items wherever possible.

Take my smart phone for … read more

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Keith Loves Pigs

Last night my friends Olive and Keith stayed at the castle. I’ve mentioned before that Olive does my regular Tuesday night support, and Keith’s a dog and a lover of all things squeaky.

Seasoned readers will remember that I’ve … read more

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The Walls Are Rolling

I’m in the process of learning lines for a new project. In my usual way I’ve written them out on big sheets of paper and stuck them round the walls in the castle.

There’s one such sheet above my bed … read more

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Chair Breaker

When I was a child my dad used to say I needed shoes made of iron because of how quickly I managed to destroy them. I never really understood his concern but I’m starting to have some sympathy with him … read more

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Squeak Easy

Last night Olive arrived at the castle accompanied by Keith the dog. They’d just been to the Pound Shop and that meant loads of new squeaky toys for Keith.

He had a new ball, a chicken leg and a … read more

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How Can I Possibly Be Lonely?

I wrote yesterday about having had a bad day and feeling sad. It was a spectacularly miserable day, but some of what I was feeling wasn’t completely new. For example, over the last few weeks or even months there have … read more


My Castle Is My Home

Today’s the start of my fifth year at the castle, and that means it’s now the longest I’ve lived anywhere since I left home. I love being here, so it’s strange to remember how reluctant I was to move out … read more

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Broadcasting Difference

I’m one of an estimated 11 million people in the UK who are disabled. We make up about a fifth of the population. But despite this it’s very rare to see or hear issues that affect me as a disabled … read more

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First Of The Year

First of all, Happy New Year!

However you marked the arrival of 2016, I hope your celebration was happy and enjoyable. Mine certainly was. I spent the evening at a pub where Will’s band Brasstermind were performing. Sophie, … read more

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