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Green is the New Red

In a day that may be unlucky for some, this Friday 13th is Red Nose day as well. And that’s something I’ve been very aware of all afternoon because my colleagues have spent it inflating a… read more

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Mr Pound

My support worker Will has a well-established history of playful interactions with my tics. He was with me today, and at lunchtime in a local café I noticed him playing with a pound coin. I looked away for a moment… read more

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Laughing Gear

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been all over Twitter today after it emerged that he may have punched one of the show’s producers in the face. Leftwing Idiot and I were talking about… read more

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I’ll Be…

Fat Sister was on the phone to my dad earlier, discussing the on-going work on her bathroom. She had to go next door because every time she started a sentence with ‘I’ll…’ my tics made an inappropriate suggestion about what… read more

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It’s The Way I Tell ‘em

Poppy and I have been hanging out today and a while ago she had an exchange with my tics that had her in stitches. Here’s how it went:

TH: You know Peter?
Poppy: Peter who?
TH: Peter-borough. He… read more

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Farewell Old Lair

Around this time four years ago the tics in my legs (which were already giving me a very unusual style of walking) intensified and started having a much bigger impact on my mobility. At the time I was… read more

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A New Song about Aladdin

For no obvious reason my tics love Aladdin, so when we decided to take Backstage in Biscuit Land to Edinburgh last year, I kept saying that’s what we were going to do it wasn’t out of character. At… read more

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We Need To Talk About Eddie

I’ve tried really hard to not write this post. I’d planned originally to do it in time for the Oscars last weekend but I was laid low with a cold and didn’t have the energy or focus it would’ve needed.… read more

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Idea Amplifier

I’ve got some exciting news, we’re looking for six creative young people with Tourettes (or associated conditions) aged between 16 and 25 to come and collaborate on a new project supported by Unlimited Impact and Theread more

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Sort of Annoying

Over the past few years I’ve sort of developed a reputation as the sort of Biscuit Woman because I sort of say ‘Biscuit’ sort of all the time. But there’s something else I sort of say that’s actually sort of… read more

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