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Test Drive

Our office was buzzing with chatter today about two new arrivals, not staff, or children, but go-karts for our youth-led track. They arrived in the early afternoon and looked amazing.

These aren’t just any old go-karts. They’re specially built with… read more

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Hearing Old Words in a New Way

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned a rocky ‘ticcing fit’ I’d had that morning which had involved Kyle giving Will, who was supporting me, a hand. This was because my body was moving with… read more

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Things I Haven’t Yet Fucked

I had a really rocky ‘ticcing fit’ earlier today. Will was supporting me, and my work friend Kyle came to help as well. As the fit drew to a close and my speech returned so did my vocal tics… read more

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Creative Encounters of An Improvised Kind

This’ll be brief – it’s late and I’ve only just got home. I need to have some dinner before heading to bed but I wanted to write down my first thoughts about the evening I’ve just had before they fade.… read more

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Maths Problem

Touretteshero is left alone in her bedroom with a price gun.

The price sticker reads £1.50

The total value of Touretteshero’s head when Will returns from brushing his teeth is £16.50

How many £1.50 labels are on Touretteshero’s hair and… read more

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An Unexpected Encounter With An Equality Champion

The accessibility of buses has been in the press a lot recently because of the High Court case about wheelchair spaces and how much responsibility bus companies have for ensuring that wheelchair users always have first claim on them,… read more

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Toothbrush Cull

There are always lots of toothbrushes in my bathroom. This is because each of my overnight support workers has one for when they’re at the castle. But as I went to bed tonight and looked at the array of coloured… read more

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The Year So Far

We’re seven days into 2015 and so far my tics have contributed:

An alternative version of the Bohemian Rhapsody, eight unconventional uses for peanut butter, some imagination-enhancing mental imagery, and a recipe for caramelised onion and peach meringue.

Not wanting… read more

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Will Wakes Me to Talk About Cormorant Feet… Again

I’ve been under the weather for the last few days and it’s meant I’ve been having more ‘ticcing fits’ than usual.

I woke up having one in the early hours of this morning although if you’d heard what my… read more

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It’s Like Charades, Only…

The festive season’s usually a good time for watching films on TV, but this year I’ve seen hardly any from start to finish. I have, though, caught bits here and there when they’ve been on in the background.

Oddly, there’s… read more

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