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“MPs, PM or Carpe Diem? Choose.”

My tics love offering choices, so much that there’s a whole category dedicated to ‘choose’ tics.

My favourites include:

“Bass or space? Choose.”
“Geometric paperweights or roundhouses? Choose.”
“Beef or eyelashes? Choose.”
“Acrylic nails or TV… read more

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A Donkey-Defining Moment

David Cameron on the campaign trail made a revealing slip yesterday when he described the Election as “career-defining” before correcting himself and saying “country defining.”

I’ve just watched the video, and my tics immediately seized on the phrase:… read more

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We’re safely back in the UK after our epic trip to Norway. Here, with just a week until polling day, the country’s in the grip of election campaigning. Predictably my tics are too:

“This is a party election… read more

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This morning got off to a very early start. At 6am we carefully squeezed the entire set for Backstage in Biscuit Land into a cab and headed for Gatwick. We’re off to Vårscenefest in Tromsø, Norway for… read more

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A Potted History of Little G

At last my geranium has a new home – not a completely different address, just a new pot to live in.

My geranium, Little G, is an offshoot of the much-maligned geranium that arrived in Leftwing Idiot’s kitchen read more

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This morning a ‘ticcing fit’ turned into an involuntary poetry recital when my tics suddenly took flight with Icarus:

“Icarus, your mum was a piece of plastic tubing,
Your father was a bee,
And you… read more

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The Most Ridiculous Position To Date

Last night Will found me having a ‘ticcing fit’ in the most ridiculous position yet. On discovering me he said, ‘I can’t wait to hear how you ended up like this.’

He had to wait a while for an… read more

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Poems About Sponges

I’m back in London after a lovely weekend away in Cumbria with Will.

When we were travelling back yesterday I ticced, “Poems about sponges”

Will, knowing my tics would take the bait, said ‘Sponge Poem… read more

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What Noise Do Penguins Make?

I’ve mentioned that my tics love penguins in previous posts. They’re one of a random assortment of things that always make me over excited. Another is when people roll their R’s. Both inexplicably… read more

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An Unbeatably Beautiful Day

The large window in front of me is awash with pale orange light. In the distance there’s the silhouette of a large tree, its dense tangle of black lines extending to the edges of the delicately coloured sky. The light… read more

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