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Edinburgh Life

We’ve been in Edinburgh for a week now, and I’m settling into life in a new city.

One of the things I was finding difficult to imagine before we arrived was how each day would pan out, what support I’d… read more

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Heckling Christ

Yesterday evening, after a day of practical tasks like food shopping, laundry, and tidying, followed by our amazing walk and a home-cooked dinner, I felt ready to head back into the Festival.

After a bit of flyering… read more

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“Arthur’s Stool”

From the living room window of our flat in Edinburgh we can see Arthur’s Seat, the majestic hill that sits right in the heart of the City.

Today was our day off, with no performance of #BIBL, and… read more

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Poster Advice Post

I came round a corner in my wheelchair yesterday to find a man putting up a large show poster (a very familiar sight in Edinburgh). In fact he’d just finished.

My tics shouted “It’s not straight!”

He looked mortified, stood… read more

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Hot Tips for Flyering

I’ve learnt very fast that flyers are a key part of the Edinburgh Fringe experience. These bits of card, each with details of a show, are everywhere, and handing them out to passing strangers is a never-ending job.

I’ve noticed… read more

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Our First Show

This afternoon we put on the first performance of Backstage In Biscuit Land (#BIBL) for an Edinburgh audience. After so much planning and preparation, it felt brilliant to be under way at last.

This piece, with its origin in some… read more

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Brace Yourself World!

Tomorrow will be the première of Backstage in Biscuit Land at the Edinburgh Fringe and I’m very excited!

I’ve already been to see a couple of shows and have been stunned by quite how much there is to see up… read more

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We’re Here!

We arrived in Edinburgh this afternoon and quickly settled into the place where we’re staying. I was keen to get out and start exploring as soon as possible and fortunately I had a good guide – my co-performer Jess Mabel… read more

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The Long and the Short of it

In case you haven’t heard or noticed there’s been a bit of a heat wave in the UK over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been mostly enjoying the sunny weather but there’s been one slight drawback – the upsurge… read more

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Your Slogan Here

Well, not right here, but on a t-shirt to be exhibited at the Unlimited Festival which is a disability arts showcase being held at the Southbank in London in September

The competition’s open to young disabled people –… read more

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