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Most Unpredictable

That’ll be me then. I’ve done a few interviews recently as part of the lead-up to #BIBL, but I never know exactly when they’re going to show up. There’s this one in the Telegraph that came out last… read more

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A New Palace

Fat Sister and King Russell have been living with me at the castle for the last few weeks – they’ve been between houses. Soon they’ll be moving to a place really close to me. In fact it’s so close you… read more

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Goal Post

I want to start with an apology, and it’s to all sports fans: I’m sorry, I haven’t made a single mention of the World Cup since it started twenty-one days ago.

For everyone else, I’m sure you’ve been quite relieved… read more

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Back to the Bins

Last July I wrote a long letter to Nick Gorse, Dean of Camberwell College of Art, about how awful wheelchair access is at their main site. After a long wait I got a fairly disappointing reply, which said, basically,… read more

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Bearing Up

I’ve been back at work after my epic weekend at Glastonbury. I arrived to the very sad news that the play building at our adventure playground was the victim of… read more

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Sunny Sunday

Today was the last day of the Glastonbury Festival and it was gorgeous in every way – the weather, the company, the dancing, and all the laughter.

To start with… read more


Singing In The Sun and Rain

I woke up to the sound of rain gently beating against our tent. This soon stopped and Worthy Farm was bathed in warm sunshine, but not before I’d had my shower. It was an accessible shower, closed on all sides… read more

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“We’ve Got the Whole of Rotherham in the Boot.”

Yesterday’s journey to Glastonbury was smooth and trouble-free. Remarkably we were able to get through security and into the Festival itself despite my tics going into overdrive the moment we got to the entrance.… read more

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A Short Break

Being a superhero is a tiring job, particularly when part of your mission is writing about it every day. So I’ve decided to take a break for a few days while I’m at Glastonbury Festival!

That being said, I’m going… read more

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Anti Austerity

Yesterday 50,000 people marched through central London carrying a peaceful but powerful message to the doors of the Houses of Parliament. Poppy and I were among them.

We were there with tens of thousands of other people in the shadow… read more

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