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“Spread Out Your Manifestos Like Margarine”

Election campaigning is in full swing here in the UK as we speed towards polling day on May 7th. In the last few days lots of the main political parties have been launching their manifestos. They’ve been all over the… read more

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Count Down To Cumbria

Usually I leave my all terrain wheelchair at work and get in and out of it at the start and end of each day. This evening though Zoë and I carefully packed it into the cab and brought… read more

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Hello Sun

Wow! What a glorious day! I could tell it was fine before I’d even raised my blind this morning. Since then the sun’s been beating down without interruption, bathing everything in a beautiful light.

On days like this I particularly… read more

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I’m a Solid

Last week I wrote about my annoying new “What about cats?” tic, but there’s some contention amongst my friends about how new it really is, with some claiming it’s been around for months.

I do… read more

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Blackpool Illumination Sky

A couple of days ago one of my tics took me aback and made me laugh with surprise:

“Scotch egg castle and the exasperated carrot.”

It wasn’t the content of the tic that made me chuckle but the fact that… read more

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Whales Crash In

I was hanging out with Poppy earlier when I suddenly started having a ‘ticcing fit’ that, without any reason or warning, was abruptly gate-crashed by whales. Fortunately Poppy had the presence of mind to press record on her phone:… read more

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But What About Cats?

I’ve had a new regular tic for the last few weeks: “What about cats?”

Unusually it’s been really irritating me. I don’t normally notice my own tics, particularly regular ones. They quickly become background noise – a constant, gentle reminder… read more

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Ambition Capped

If you’re a disabled person with high or specialist support needs, or if your job involves long working hours, or if you work abroad, there’s something you need to know – your career, your ambition, your potential are about to… read more

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Backstage In Bonnet Land

Chopin and I have been hanging out all day, which has been lovely. I can’t believe it’s only a year since we started working on Backstage In Biscuit Land together.

This evening we created something else, something even more colourful,… read more

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Coming Clean

OK, so yesterday’s post wasn’t exactly “biscuit” accurate. In fact is was a straightforward April Fool, which I hope you all enjoyed. Most of the time my tics are one step ahead of me when it… read more

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