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Bringing Biscuits BAC

Exactly a week ago Leftwing Idiot, Chopin, Jolie and I had a production meeting at Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) ahead of our two-week run of Backstage In Biscuit Land there in May. This was all the… read more

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Tree Chat

I spend a fair bit of time involuntarily chatting to trees, mainly the those outside my bedroom window who, along with the lamp-post, the TV aerial and the moon, get a lot of attention from my… read more

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Salad Days

This morning my carer Anna pointed out that I’ve started ticcing the word ‘Salad’ quite regularly recently. This was making her laugh because it’s a much healthier alternative to ‘Biscuit’.

I’ve been ticcing ‘Biscuit’ for several years now and I… read more

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Access to Cheers

At the end of last week I wrote Access to Tears, a post describing how, after a long and upsetting process, Access to Work (AtW – the scheme that provides support for working disabled… read more



As you may know, this year Touretteshero’s celebrating five years of humour and creativity and we kicked off at the beginning of January with a Birthday Survey. Our aim was to have at least 50 responses by the end… read more

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Waving Calves

Everyone who’s ever met me knows I move about a lot! My motor tics (involuntary movements) are frequent, varied and for the most part very obvious. You can’t miss my constant chest banging, erratic head movements, wiggly spine, and… read more

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Biscuit The Dog

Leftwing Idiot just sent me this article. It’s the story of Biscuit the dog! Biscuit held the title of longest-serving resident at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. His stay at the Home had been 22 times longer… read more

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8000 and Up

Earlier this week the Touretteshero Twitter account reached 8000 followers – a milestone.

I don’t normally focus much on numbers of followers, but I really do like counting random things, just to know how many random things there… read more

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Access to Tears

It was a relief to close my eyes and go to sleep last night – they were sore and tired from the tears I’d been shedding hours earlier.

This morning I’m in a reflective mood, determined to write about the… read more

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Frosty The Snowman

Christmas may already be a rapidly fading memory but my tics were in a festive mood this morning when I arrived at work, prompted by the beautiful blanket of frost covering the ground.

Out of the blue, Frosty The Snowman… read more

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