At the end of last month I shared the final installment of my World of the Zodiac tic-inspired prediction videos on YouTube, and in case you somehow missed them, you can watch all 12 here.

I thought that… read more

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Six Million Cookies

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob Google Translate funktioniert gut. Wenn es das tut sollte sagen: ein großes Willkommen zu meinem deutschen Leser.

I’m trying my hand at German, not because my tics have suddenly jumped language but because my… read more

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Standard-Bearing for Tourettes

In September last year Touretteshero was awarded a Red Nose Day Grant. The funding came from The Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund and Comic Relief who’d teamed up to support London organisations working to improve mental and physical health… read more

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What Freedom Looks Like

What does Freedom look like to you?

That was the question that dropped into my inbox at the end of last year. It was in an email from a BBC team asking if I’d take part in Freedomread more

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Up Next ….

You may have noticed I’ve been introducing lots of shows on Channel 4 in the last week, but my tics have been going one better – they’ve dreamt up a load of new programmes, including:

“My Big… read more

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Born Biscuity

Just under three weeks ago I went to meet a team from Channel 4 who were embarking on an unusual project. They were looking for people with communication differences to announce some of their shows.

Before that meeting,… read more

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Just over a month ago I shared my experience of Tourettes with 4,500 people at TEDx Albertopolis at the Royal Albert Hall in London. A while later I was contacted by someone from the main TED team and asked… read more

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Spreading Ideas, Generating Questions

Last week I spoke at TEDx Albertopolis, an event exploring the relationship between art and science held at the Royal Albert Hall in London. As an organisation TED is dedicated to sharing ideas. A key part of their ethos… read more

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Tics for Time Out

Time Out magazine is available in many cities, but for me it’s most strongly associated with London, and in today’s edition there’s an interview with me in it.

I’m really pleased to have had the opportunity to talk… read more

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Express Yourself

A while ago I did an interview for the Express newspaper about what it’s like living with Tourettes and about my book Welcome to Biscuit Land. The interview wasn’t published immediately and as the months wore on I’d… read more

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