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One of the organisations that have played a key role in our journey to the Fringe is Mindroom, an Edinburgh-based charity who provide information and support to people with learning difficulties. When they heard about #BIBL they got… read more

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‘It’s My Birthday and I’ll Sheep If I Want To’

Although I’ve been known to tic about birthdays on a variety of random occasions, my #Dailyoutburst today isn’t just a coincidence, it’s because today’s my actual birthday. I’ve spent it with friends and family, in Town to start… read more

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Defend the DSA

When I was eight I was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia, I was ticcing a bit then too, but they were mild, and it wasn’t until they intensified in my early twenties that I was diagnosed with Tourettes. I was… read more


Slow Puncture

Without wishing to sound boastful, or weird, I’ve got an inflatable in my bathroom. It’s not a bouncy castle or a Lilo though – it’s an inflatable bath-lift that helps me get in and out of the bath safely. My… read more

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Wheelie Happy

I’m going to start with an apology for that dodgy pun, but I think it’s appropriate for a post about the many moments of pure joy I’ve experienced over the last few days, all thanks to my wonderful wheels.

Warmer… read more

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Tightrope-Walking Soho

I’ve been enjoying being out and about in my Trekinetic wheelchair recently. I can push it myself which I love, although as the holly bush incident demonstrated last week, it isn’t… read more

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The Art of Wheelchair Maintenance

My Trekinetic wheelchair is wonderful. It’s made a big difference at work and it enables me to do loads of the ‘outdoorsy’ activities I really missed before I got it. But there are some things… read more

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Sky Sheep and Other Details

All of a sudden I’ve found myself noticing amazing details that I’ve never seen before at the tops of buildings. For example, I was in Covent Garden the other day and looked up to see a sheep’s head carved into… read more

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Moments Alone In The City

Since the start of my daily ‘ticcing fits’ in October 2011 I’ve spent very little time by myself. I spend some carefully-planned and precious periods alone at the castle, but I haven’t been outdoors on my own for well… read more

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Snail Slalom

I’ve been enjoying being back in my Trekinetic wheelchair, but I’m trying to be sensible, not taking any risks and paying close attention to the terrain.

And there are three snails that are very lucky I’ve been paying… read more

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