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My Castle Is My Home

Today’s the start of my fifth year at the castle, and that means it’s now the longest I’ve lived anywhere since I left home. I love being here, so it’s strange to remember how reluctant I was to move out … read more

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Guillotining My Way To Christmas

As we speed towards Christmas I spent yesterday doing some last minute present shopping. Now that’s all pretty much finished I’ve turned my attention to wrapping. There are two elements of present wrapping that my tics make particularly challenging: cutting … read more

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I Eat My Peas With…. Finesse

Yesterday was National Poetry Day. The second poem I ever learnt by heart was about peas:

‘I eat my peas with honey;
I’ve done it all my life.
It makes the peas taste funny,
But it keeps them on … read more

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A Break From The Fringe

This morning I was a woman on a mission. Before our performance of Backstage In Biscuit Land at 5pm I needed to find a new set of wheels, my own wheelchair having suffered a catastrophic injury in an Edinburgh drainread more

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RIP Wheelchair

I woke feeling strangely tense and have felt the same almost all day. There was no particular reason for it and it made me gloomy and irritable. But this evening something happened that broke this feeling – but it also … read more

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The Right Chair

Regular readers of this blog will know I need no excuse to write about wheelchairs. When it comes to wheelchairs I’m a woman obsessed, but it’s an obsession with a very valid origin. The right wheelchair gives me autonomy and … read more

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Tooth Post

Just over a week ago a new toothbrush arrived at the castle. This one didn’t belong to a new support worker – it was for me. And for a variety of reasons (excuses) it’s taken me a while to get … read more

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This Is Not A Safety Belt

I have a seatbelt on my wheelchair. For me it’s essential because my body moves around unpredictably.

I’m having an on-going battle with my belt – it needs tightening all the time because it gets stretched out by some of … read more

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Welcome Back Fingers

It’s been gloriously sunny and this evening Will and I soaked it up as we went from work to a pub in Brixton, with him pushing his bike and me pushing myself in my wheelchair. We were off to meet … read more

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Giving Up The Ghost

A few days ago I mentioned the spooky goings-on in my bathroom. I described how my inflatable bath-lift (which helps me get in and out of the bath) had suddenly started inflating itself in the middle of the night.

This … read more

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