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Moments Alone In The City

Since the start of my daily ‘ticcing fits’ in October 2011 I’ve spent very little time by myself. I spend some carefully-planned and precious periods alone at the castle, but I haven’t been outdoors on my own for well… read more

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Snail Slalom

I’ve been enjoying being back in my Trekinetic wheelchair, but I’m trying to be sensible, not taking any risks and paying close attention to the terrain.

And there are three snails that are very lucky I’ve been paying… read more

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Thigh Storage

I saw an interesting post on Facebook a few days ago by a fellow wheelchair-user. She was describing all the things she stashes away down the back of her wheelchair seat, and how one of these things, a pin, had… read more

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Walking Memory

It was beautiful in London yesterday, warm and spring-like. On the way home the cab took a slightly different route from normal and went through an area where I used to live about eight years ago. We were weaving through… read more

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Snap Goes The Handle Pt. 2

Leftwing Idiot and I were at Tate Britain this afternoon, continuing with our preparations for We Forgot The Lot!’ While we were there I had a ‘ticcing fit’. It started just as I was… read more

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What Freedom Looks Like

What does Freedom look like to you?

That was the question that dropped into my inbox at the end of last year. It was in an email from a BBC team asking if I’d take part in Freedomread more

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Magic Movement

Yesterday got off to an upsetting start. My hands were stiff and unresponsive and I felt utterly worn out, both because I hadn’t slept much and because of the on-going uncertainty about my hands.

Poppy comforted… read more

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Striking A Cord

It’s generally frowned upon to go around taking pictures in public toilets, but yesterday when Leftwing Idiot and I were on our way to a meeting I came across this in the accessible toilet. So out came the phone for… read more

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Taking Cover

For a long time my erratic movements have made me a messy eater. I use plastic cutlery and a cup with a lid to help with this, but while my hands have been out of order I’ve… read more

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The Animals Fly the Nest

This morning Leftwing Idiot and I headed to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery for an appointment with a specialist in treating Dystonia with Botox injections!

Some hours later we emerged in a slight daze… read more