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The Elephant in the Other Room

There’s something in my living room that I’m finding upsetting to look at.

Every time catch sight of it, every time I think about it, and every time someone mentions it, I feel impossibly sad. It’s something that until three… read more


Accessible Christmas Wrapping

Last Christmas I wrote a post about my accessible Christmas essentials. One of the discoveries I shared was paper tape. This easy-to-tear alternative to regular sticky tape eliminated the need for scissors, which I can’t use safely, and meant… read more

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Talking Chair

This afternoon at the adventure playground we had our end-of-year party for the children. We made decorations and gingerbread biscuits, had a feast, and played party games.

While lots of the other staff were setting up the party I… read more

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Getting a Handle on the Brakes

I’ve written several posts about my amazing new wheelchair, but I’m also still using my NHS chair a lot too because it’s much better for inside the castle or anywhere where with tight spaces.

The two chairs… read more

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Back to Basics

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been having a great time out and about in my new Trekinetic wheelchair, mainly because I can propel myself when I’m outside, much, much more easily than with the standard chair. This means I… read more

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No Waiting Time

Here’s a story about the NHS that’s very unlikely to make it into the mainstream media.

This afternoon Leftwing Idiot was taking me to our local hospital for a non-urgent appointment. I was in my regular wheelchair so he was… read more

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Yesterday afternoon my colleague Sylvie, who manages the adventure playground where I work, asked me if I could cover for her briefly while she helped a child. I’m always happy to do this but yesterday I was raring to go.… read more

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Pull the Other One

Now, it’s fair to say I go on about accessible toilets more than your average blogger. But ever since I started using a wheelchair almost two years ago, I’ve been bothered by below bog-standard bogs.

I’ve mentioned how non-disabled people… read more

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Tough Tics Survivor’s Guide

It’s the eve of my fitiversary. Two years ago tomorrow I woke up having what became known as a ‘ticcing fit’. But that morning it was just a weird and terrifying escalation of my tics that left me… read more

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Mud and Mayhem

For a long time I used to wobble and crawl around the castle but then, several months ago, I discovered how much easier and less stressful it was to use my wheelchair instead. I’m not sure why it’d taken me… read more

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