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Saying ‘Yes’ To Soup

After we’d been to the theatre last night Will and I went to a Thai café in Waterloo. We had to wait for a table but I’ve been there before so knew it would be worth… read more

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One of the organisations that have played a key role in our journey to the Fringe is Mindroom, an Edinburgh-based charity who provide information and support to people with learning difficulties. When they heard about #BIBL they got… read more

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‘It’s My Birthday and I’ll Sheep If I Want To’

Although I’ve been known to tic about birthdays on a variety of random occasions, my #Dailyoutburst today isn’t just a coincidence, it’s because today’s my actual birthday. I’ve spent it with friends and family, in Town to start… read more

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Defend the DSA

When I was eight I was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia, I was ticcing a bit then too, but they were mild, and it wasn’t until they intensified in my early twenties that I was diagnosed with Tourettes. I was… read more


Slow Puncture

Without wishing to sound boastful, or weird, I’ve got an inflatable in my bathroom. It’s not a bouncy castle or a Lilo though – it’s an inflatable bath-lift that helps me get in and out of the bath safely. My… read more

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Wheelie Happy

I’m going to start with an apology for that dodgy pun, but I think it’s appropriate for a post about the many moments of pure joy I’ve experienced over the last few days, all thanks to my wonderful wheels.

Warmer… read more

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Tightrope-Walking Soho

I’ve been enjoying being out and about in my Trekinetic wheelchair recently. I can push it myself which I love, although as the holly bush incident demonstrated last week, it isn’t… read more

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The Art of Wheelchair Maintenance

My Trekinetic wheelchair is wonderful. It’s made a big difference at work and it enables me to do loads of the ‘outdoorsy’ activities I really missed before I got it. But there are some things… read more

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Sky Sheep and Other Details

All of a sudden I’ve found myself noticing amazing details that I’ve never seen before at the tops of buildings. For example, I was in Covent Garden the other day and looked up to see a sheep’s head carved into… read more

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Moments Alone In The City

Since the start of my daily ‘ticcing fits’ in October 2011 I’ve spent very little time by myself. I spend some carefully-planned and precious periods alone at the castle, but I haven’t been outdoors on my own for well… read more

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