Power Switch

My tics and I are both big fans of unpredictable outcomes. I like them because I enjoy doing creative activities where anything can happen, and my tics like them because unpredictable is what they do best.

We’re about to put… read more

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BAC’s Phoenix

Yesterday evening I met up with Hannah, Emma and Laura, my former flatmates and friends of seventeen years. I was due to meet Laura first, at 6pm, but her bus got stuck in traffic. Will, who’d been supporting me throughout… read more

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Idea Amplifier

I’ve got some exciting news, we’re looking for six creative young people with Tourettes (or associated conditions) aged between 16 and 25 to come and collaborate on a new project supported by Unlimited Impact and Theread more

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Fat Sister At 30

Thirty years ago today a telephone rang in a Blackpool bungalow bearing news that would change my world forever. It was my dad calling to announce the birth of Fat Sister (although I’m fairly sure he… read more

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Wheels of Fortune

Last night Fat Sister celebrated the end of her twenties. Tomorrow’s her birthday, a big birthday (she’s tuning 30) and never one to miss an opportunity for a party, she organised a spectacular bash.

The theme – ‘80’s stars of… read more

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The Republic of Inclusion

Today was my last full day in Canada and in just a few hours Leftwing Idiot and I will be up before dawn to fly back to the UK. Besides being our last day, it’s also been our busiest and… read more

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Dear Canada …

This evening Leftwing Idiot and I met up with the people who are putting on the event I’ll be talking at on Sunday. They were all incredibly friendly and relaxed despite having so much… read more

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Bowled Over

It’s incredible how quickly you can get used to being in a new city – today’s been only our first full day in Toronto and it’s already starting to feel familiar.

We went for bagels this morning and explored Kensington… read more

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Flying West

This post is coming to you from somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m writing mid-flight on my way to Toronto to take part in The Progress Festival.

In just a few hours we’ll be… read more

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“Canada Goose, Where’s Your Socks?”

I’m going to bed this evening full of excitement, and unusually it’s got nothing to do with the lamp-post outside my bedroom window. No, this time it’s because tomorrow morning Leftwing Idiot and I are flying to Toronto. We’re going… read more

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