The Innermost Rave

In this morning’s session of the writing group we discussed story structure, and in particular ideas from ‘The Writer’s Journey’, a book by Christopher Vogler. Mark, who’s leading the sessions, explained that stories that are very different can … read more

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The Weather System of the Mind

I’m not going to work this week, and I’m glad to say it’s not because I’m ill or checking myself into a day centre post-election! No, this week I’m at the Royal Court Theatre as part of a writing group, … read more

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“The Groin of Peace Manifesto”

I’m sure you’re probably all manifestoed out by now. The recent political events have been intense, and what happens now the campaigning circus has left town remains to be seen. Sadly I expect we’re all in for a very bumpy … read more

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My Promise

The utter devastation I’m feeling today is indescribable.

But there’s little need to describe it because the disappointment, confusion and fear I feel is reflected in the faces, voices and status updates of everyone I know.

Just a few days … read more

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This morning got off to a very early start. At 6am we carefully squeezed the entire set for Backstage in Biscuit Land into a cab and headed for Gatwick. We’re off to Vårscenefest in Tromsø, Norway for our first ever … read more

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“Spread Out Your Manifestos Like Margarine”

Election campaigning is in full swing here in the UK as we speed towards polling day on May 7th. In the last few days lots of the main political parties have been launching their manifestos. They’ve been all over the … read more

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Idea Amplifier - Day Two

There was no delay in getting started on day two of Idea Amplifier – everyone arrived early (despite the clocks changing), eager to start.

We’d all been reflecting on four questions overnight, so our first job this morning was to … read more

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Idea Amplifier - Day One

I was awake early this morning, feeling excited but also a bit nervous. I quickly got myself ready and then along with Leftwing Idiot and my support worker Lottie, jumped into a cab and headed for the Roundhouse in Camden, … read more

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Power Switch

My tics and I are both big fans of unpredictable outcomes. I like them because I enjoy doing creative activities where anything can happen, and my tics like them because unpredictable is what they do best.

We’re about to put … read more

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The Spirit of Achievement

In a couple of week’s time we’ll be switching on our Idea Amplifier, a workshop at Camden Roundhouse for young creatives with Tourettes.

The event’s being funded through Unlimited Impact in partnership with the Spirit of 2012 Trust. … read more

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