Do Something Great This Good Friday

So it’s Good Friday, why not do something great? I need your help getting my show on the road. Find out how here.

Having Tourettes means I’m rarely still or quiet. My tics go everywhere I go, and… read more

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Let’s Get Ready To Kickstart!

If you search online for ‘Tourettes Theatre’, many of the top results are articles about people being asked to leave theatres or sit somewhere else because they’ve got Tourettes – something I’ve had first-hand experience of.

I love the… read more

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Don’t Forget The Thanks

Wow! What else can I say? Today Tate Britain was completely transformed!
Hundreds of people, some with and some without Tourettes came together to get creative, socialise and reinvent the Gallery spaces as part of We Forgot The Lot!… read more

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Signing Off Until Sunday

This’ll be a short post because Leftwing Idiot and I are about to head to Tate Britain to make the final preparations for We Forgot The Lot!

We’re not the only ones working flat out… read more

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Let’s Get Ready To Kickstart

In one week’s time we’ll be launching a big Kickstarter appeal to take Backstage in Biscuit Land to the Fringe Festival.

We’ve been successful in getting an Unlimited award for the show, but this is just to… read more


Unlimited Announcement

I’ve written before about ‘Backstage In Biscuit Land’, the show we’re putting on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. Now I’m delighted to announce that we’re going to be supported by a grant from Unlimited. This… read more

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What About 2 Bears?

Last Friday evening Leftwing Idiot, Poppy, Keir and I went to meet our friend Raf at a recording studio in East London. Raf’s one of ‘The 2 Bears’ who, a couple of years ago, made an read more

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We Need to Talk About Disability

At work we run a programme for schools called ‘Play-based learning.’ School groups can book a series of visits during which they take part in exciting creative activities and have some time for free play as well. The aim of… read more

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Backstage In Biscuit Land

Today’s a landmark on the road to something very exciting that’s going to happen later in the year – this morning Leftwing Idiot and I registered a show for the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s not just any… read more

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Don’t Forget The Lot!

This is going to be a super short post, partly because I’m incredibly busy at the moment and party because, much to my annoyance, I’ve got a bit of a cold.

The main reason why I’m so busy is that… read more

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