Ahh, Cats

I’ve had a lot of lovely interactions with toddlers, many on buses when I’ve been in the wheelchair spot and they’ve been next to me in a pushchair. Here’s another example from this evening:

The boy in the… read more

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I’ve been in my current job for over four years, and since the beginning I’ve had a support worker with me most of the time. To start with it was only twice a week, but when my ‘ticcing fits’… read more

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Hello Playscheme

We got home from Edinburgh yesterday afternoon, and today I went straight back to work. It’s the final week of the Summer Playscheme and all the projects were busy with children enjoying their break from school.

As I wheeled past… read more

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Wheels Turn Heads

After months of travelling, Fran’s finally back in the UK, and I’m delighted that she’s started doing some support work for me again. This afternoon we were out in Peckham when a big group of teenage boys on bikes came… read more

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The Unforgettable Lot

If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember the big event we held back in April called ‘We Forgot The Lot!’ We did it in partnership with Tate Britain and it was for children and young people with… read more


The Sibling that Never Forgets

Back in 2010 I wrote about Fat Sister’s quiet delight when I hit myself on the head with an ice-lolly. She felt that I was finally getting my just deserts for an incident that happened years before when we… read more

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Leftwing Idiot and I visited a special needs school recently and while we were there we were introduced to the school dog. He was very friendly and quiet and I know that if I’d been a pupil there I’d have… read more

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Unforgettable Radio

Just over a month ago one of the most memorable days of my life was just beginning. It was the day of ‘We Forgot The Lot’, when more than 300 children and young people with and without Tourettes… read more

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Watch Out For Lamp-Posts

A few days ago I wrote a post about noticing details at the tops of buildings. I ended with a caution about not walking into lamp-posts. Regular readers of this blog will know I… read more

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Flying Anne

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve begun work in earnest on Backstage In Biscuit Land (BIBL) and I’m really enjoying getting stuck into this new creative challenge. As part of our research and development I’ve been looking through… read more

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