Fit on a Ramp

Summer holidays are our busiest time at work. The three play projects I help run are open all day every weekday during our five-week playscheme. Today was the start of our second week and all the sites were full of… read more

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Blackpool Illumination Sky

A couple of days ago one of my tics took me aback and made me laugh with surprise:

“Scotch egg castle and the exasperated carrot.”

It wasn’t the content of the tic that made me chuckle but the fact that… read more

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Idea Amplifier

I’ve got some exciting news, we’re looking for six creative young people with Tourettes (or associated conditions) aged between 16 and 25 to come and collaborate on a new project supported by Unlimited Impact and Theread more

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Bowled Over

It’s incredible how quickly you can get used to being in a new city – today’s been only our first full day in Toronto and it’s already starting to feel familiar.

We went for bagels this morning and explored Kensington… read more

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Queen of the Pigs

Laura’s one of my closest friends and we’ve known each other for over sixteen years. We lived together or near each other for many years and still speak regularly on the phone. Laura lives a bit further away now and… read more

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An Unexpected Encounter With An Equality Champion

The accessibility of buses has been in the press a lot recently because of the High Court case about wheelchair spaces and how much responsibility bus companies have for ensuring that wheelchair users always have first claim on them,… read more

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Father Christmas Sit In

Today was our last day at work before Christmas so we had a party for the children. There was ‘Crimbo-limbo’, an amazing festive feast, music and lots of games. There was even an incredible Grotto. But there was one thing… read more

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Looking After Mum

On Wednesday night BBC1 broadcast a documentary called Looking After Mum. It was a Children In Need special they were showing ahead of the big annual appeal, which happens tonight.

The programme followed four young carers… read more

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Beautifully Gruesome

Happy Halloween! It’s late but we’ve still a few hours left before the plastic bats and fake cobwebs get put away for another year. As I write, at home in my warm bed, I’m getting occasional glimpses of the big… read more

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Adoni and the Knife

On Sunday night Ruth and her nine-year-old nephew Adoni came to stay at the castle. I know Adoni likes making things so I asked if he’d like to have a go at putting together a model flying pig that I’d… read more

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